Listen to one of our PhD students talking on the International Migrants Day

The International Migrants Day aims to draw attention to the numerous migrants living all over the world. Let’s not underestimate what drives people to leave their home and throw themselves into a totally different culture!

However out of these challenges, there are opportunities arising. Not only for the migrants but for the welcoming countries.

For this particular day, Alaa Alhamzeh, migrant from Syria and participant in the IRIXYS double master and PhD double supervision program, agreed to tell us about her own experience. In order to continue her studies she left her home country and went to France to do her master studies. After graduating Alaa decided to participate in our PhD double supervision program between INSA Lyon and Passau University. Therefore she is currently researching at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics in Passau.

Take some time and listen to her not only talking about cultural differences but also about the challenge of being a mother and PhD student at the same time.

Part 1
Part 2

We are proud to have her and wish her all the best for her future academic career!

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