Workshops 2020

MDPS/IRIXYS Workshop by Pau University

June 12th 

KHALFOUN Basma (INSA Lyon) – Privacy preserving large scale online services (location- based services).   

Karam Bou Chaaya (Spider/Biarritz) – Risk Management in Connected Environments 

LACHAT Paul (INSA/Passau) – Detection & prevention of inference attacks linked to sensor data

June 19th 

GOSH DASTIDAR Kanishka – NAG: Neural feature aggregation framework for credit card fraud detection  (Passau/INSA)

VERAN    Thomas – XAI through learning the structure of a bayesian hierarchical model 

Elio Mansour (Spider/Biarritz) – Query Rewriting in Connected Environments    Spider/Biarritz

Sabri Allani (Spider/Biarritz) – Data Dissemination    Spider/Biarritz

July 10th 

Maria Chiara Molteni (Milan) – Secure computation and Garbled circuit in multi-valued logic

Uriawan Wisnu (INSA) – DApp Architecture for Personal Lending on Blockchain 

Lara Mauri (Milan) – Blockchain applications and machine learning 

BECHER Stefan (Passau/INSA) – Privacy Preference Interfaces (WiP) 


July 17th

Zerhoudi Saber (Passau) – Simulating Interactive Information Retrieval Systems 

Ebtesam Almazrouei (UAE) – Deep Learning for Radio signal Analytics 

Ghalia Tello (UAE) – Log lifting for business process discovery with ML techniques

GAN Lu (INSA)               

25th MDPS/IRIXYS Workshop by Milano University

November 16th

Felix BOELZ – ConTra- Privacy Interfaces

Stefan BECHER – A Holistic Personal Privacy Workflow in e-Health”

Ghalia TELLO – A ML-based framework for Business Process Mining

Elie CHICHA – A User-Centric Mechanism for Sequentially Releasing Graph Datasets under Blowfish Privacy


November 17th

Thomas VERAN – Crash prediction for a French highway network with an XAI-informed Bayesian hierarchical model

Dietmar JAKOB – Voice Assistants in the Residential Environment of Elderly – 30 minutes

Faisal SHAHZAD – “Data Redundancy Management in Connected Environments” – 30 minutes


November 18th

Rémi CANILLAS – An introduction to Supplier Impersonation Fraud Detection

Zahy SHAMY – A Supervised and Unsupervised Image Quality Assessment Framework in Real-Time

Sebastian WILHELM – Activity Monitoring reusing Home Infrastructure Data

Ashish ASHUTOSH – Vehicle Access Control Policy Framework for secure and privacy-preserving Vehicle to Everything communication


January 18th

Alaa Alhamzeh – Argument Mining for Stock Price Prediction

Wisnu Uriawan – A Lending Platform Prototype of Borrowers Trustworthiness for Personal Lending on Blockchain

Besma Khalfoun  – Enforcing Location Privacy Through Decentralized Re-identification Risk Assessment


January 20th

Annalisa Barsotti – A recommendation system for telco marketing

Maria Chiara Molteni – Robust Probing Security

Paul Lachat – Detecting inference attacks involving raw sensor data : a case study