Workshops & Summerschools

The International Research & Innovation Centre on Digital Intelligent Systems (IRIXYS) promotes collaboration among researchers, students and academics not only within a same local community, but also at an international level.

To support these exchanges, Young Scientists’ Workshops are regularly organised, for students and professors to present and exchange about their latest research developments and results.

Furthermore, IRIXYS Workshops also addresses societal issues for a broader public. What are the impacts, challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in our European society? Focusing on several thematics (e.g. WEB-Index, Cyber War, EU Law and Regulations, Sustainable IT), hot topics in cybersecurity, AI, health and green IT will be discussed. The goal of these workshops is to open a transversal and pluridisciplinary dialog and to mediate science and society.

The IRIXYS winter workshop 2023 took place in November in Passau, Germany! The focus of the workshop was on Open Web with a German-French Hackathon and Data Challenge, financed by the German-French University (DFH/UFA).

Topics: Data Challenge: Web spam detection | Hackathon: Creation of an own original conversational search engine.

More info on the topics and full agenda here.


Impressions of past workshops

IRIXYS Young Scientists’ workshop Gargnano October 2022 ©Universität Passau

IRIXYS Young Scientists’ Workshop Passau June 2022 ©Universität Passau

On a regular basis the French-German Summerschools on AI with Industry is  organised together by the University of Passau, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) Paris Saclay & Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour l’Industrie et l’Entreprise (ENSIIE). The Summerschool targets a broad audience: not only from research and academia, it serves as a platform for mutual learning also with industry and public authorities. Thanks to this variety of stakeholders and a format based on trust, transparency and cooperation, the IRIXYS Summerschools have been recognised as a unique forum for creating effective synergies among IT players in Europe. The last Summerschool took place 100% digital in June 2021.

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