Publications 2023

  • Schubert C., Fekih Hassen W., Poisl B., Seitz S., Schubert J,. Oyarbide Usabiaga E., Molina Gaudo P., Pettinger K.
    Hybrid Energy Storage Systems Based on Redox-Flow Batteries: Recent Developments, Challenges, and Future Perspectives
    Batteries 2023, 9(4), 211 [LINK]
  • Felix Bölz; Diana Nurbakova; Sylvie Calabretto; Armin Gerl, Lionel Brunie & Harald Kosch. (2023): HUMMUS: A Linked, Healthiness-Aware, User-centered and Argument-Enabling Recipe Data Set for Recommendation. In Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys ’23). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 1–11. [LINK]
  • Sebastian Wilhelm; Dietmar Jakob; Armin Gerl & Sascha Schiegg. (2023): Die Vision eines Personal Information Management-System (PIMS) durch automatisierte Datenschutzselbstauskunft. In: Daten-Fairness in einer globalisierten Welt. S. 373-398. [LINK]
  • Omar Hasan; Lionel Brunie & Elisa Bertino (2023): Privacy-Preserving Reputation Systems Based on Blockchain and Other Cryptographic Building Blocks: A Survey. ACM Computing Surveys, vol. 55, n°2, pp. 1-37. [LINK]
  • Sophie Cerf; Bogdan Robu; Nicolas Marchand & Sara Bouchenak (2023): Privacy protection control for mobile apps users. Control Engineering Practice, vol. 134, May, p. 105456. [LINK]
  • Wisnu Uriawan; Youakim Badr; Omar Hasan & Lionel Brunie (2023): Decentralized trustworthiness score management with smart contracts on the trustlend platform. IET Blockchain. [LINK]
  • Brandon Mosqueda González; Omar Hasan; Wisnu Uriawan; Youakim Badr & Lionel Brunie (2023): Secure and efficient decentralized machine learning through group-based model aggregation. Cluster Computing. [LINK]
  • Ousmane Touat & Sara Bouchenak (2023): Towards Robust and Bias-free Federated Learning. 3rd Workshop on Machine Learning and Systems (EuroMLSys ’23), 8 mai 2023, Rome (Italie), pp. 49-55. [LINK]
  •  Pierre-Yves Genest; Pierre-Edouard Portier; Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond & Martino Lovisetto (2023): Linked-DocRED – Enhancing DocRED with Entity-Linking to Evaluate End-To-End Document-Level Information Extraction. SIGIR ’23: The 46th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, 23 juillet 2023, Taipei (Taïwan), pp. 3064-3074. [LINK]
  • Diana Nurbakova; Audrey Serna; Abdelbasset Omiri & Antoine Boutet (2023): Adaptive and Privacy-Aware Persuasive Strategies to Promote Healthy Eating Habits: Position Paper. UMAP 2023 – 31st ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, 29 juin 2023, Limassol (Chypre), pp. 129-131. [LINK]
  •  Diana Nurbakova; Felix Bölz; Audrey Serna & Jean Brignone (2023): Towards Adaptive and Personalised Recommendation for Healthy Food Promotion. [LINK]
  • Chung-Chi Chen; Chin-Yi Lin; Chr-Jr Chiu; Hen-Hsen Huang; Alaa Alhamzeh; Yu-Lieh Huang; Hiroya Takamura; Hsin-Hsi Chen & Jun Zhao (2023): Overview of the NTCIR-17 FinArg-1 Task: Fine-Grained Argument Understanding in Financial Analysis. NTCIR 17 Conference: Proceedings of the 17th NTCIR Conference on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies, Tokyo, Japan [LINK]
  • Alaa Alhamzeh (2023): Financial Argument Quality Assessment in Earnings Conference Calls. In: Strauss, C., Amagasa, T., Kotsis, G., Tjoa, A.M., Khalil, I. (eds) Database and Expert Systems Applications. DEXA 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 14147. Springer, Cham. [LINK]
  • Alaa Alhamzeh (2023): Language Reasoning by means of Argument Mining andArgument Quality. Doctoral Thesis. [LINK]
  • Sascha Schiegg; Armin Gerl & Harald Kosch (2023): Technische Aspekte eines Privatsphäre-beachtenden Datenaustauschnetzwerks. In „Data Sharing: Datenkapitalismus by Default?“, S. 5 [LINK]