Publications 2022

  • Genoveva Vargas-Solar, Chirine Ghedira-Guegan & Nadia Bennani
    Intelligent integration of heterogeneous data for answering analytics queries in multi-cloud environments
    6th International workshop on Data Analytics solutions for Real-LIfe APplications (DARLI-AP),May 29th 2022, Edimburgh (United Kingdom). HAL : hal-03680832. .

  • Amina Salem, Besma Khalfoun, Sonia Mokhtar & Afra Mashhad
    Quantifying fairness of federated learning LPPM models
    MobiSys ’22: The 20th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services, June 27th 2022, Portland (France), pp. 569-570. doi : 10.1145/3498361.3538788. HAL : hal-03703623.

  • Becher, S., Gerl, A
    ConTra Preference Language: Privacy Preference Unification via Privacy Interfaces
    Sensors 2022, 22, 5428.

  • Omar Hasan, Lionel Brunie & Elisa Bertino
    Privacy-Preserving Reputation Systems Based on Blockchain and Other Cryptographic Building Blocks: A Survey
    ACM Computing Surveys, vol. 55, n°2, pp. 1-37. doi : 10.1145/3490236. HAL : hal-03551833.

  • Alhamzeh, A., Bouhaouel, M., Egyed-Zsigmond, E., Mitrović, J., Brunie, L., Kosch, H.
    Query Expansion, Argument Mining and Document Scoring for an Efficient Question Answering System
    In: , et al. Experimental IR Meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction. CLEF 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13390. Springer, Cham. [PDF]

  • Alhamzeh A., Lacin MK., Egyed-Zsigmond E.
    Passau21 at the NTCIR-16 FinNum-3 Task: Prediction Of Numerical Claims in the Earnings Calls with Transfer Learning
    NTCIR 16 Conference: Proceedings of the 16th NTCIR Conference on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies, June 14-17, 2022 Tokyo Japan [PDF]

  • Alhamzeh A., Egyed-Zsigmond E., El Mekki D., El Khayari A., Mitrović J., Brunie L., Kosch H.
    Empirical Study of the Model Generalization for Argument Mining in Cross-Domain and Cross-Topic Settings
    In: Hameurlain, A., Tjoa, A.M. (eds) Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems LII. Lecture Notes in Computer Science(), vol 13470. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg [PDF]
  • Alhamzeh A., Fonck R., Versmée R., Egyed-Zsigmond E., Kosch H., Brunie L.
    It’s Time to Reason: Annotating Argumentation Structures in Financial Earnings Calls: The FinArg Dataset
    In Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing in conjunction with IJCAI 2022 pp. [PDF]
  • Schiegg S., Gerl A.
    Trade-off between Privacy, Quality and Risk: Anonymization Strategy Evaluation for Data Warehouses
    IEEE 46th Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), 2022, pp. 1555-1560, doi: 10.1109/COMPSAC54236.2022.00247.

  • Gerl A., Von Der Hezden M.
    Entwicklungsstand der CIO-Funktion und hochschulübergreifenden IT-Governance im Kontext der Digitalen Transformation an Hochschulen in Bayern
    HDM. DOI:10.1365/s40702-022-00872-x

  • Gerl A., Von Der Hezden M. Groß R., Klapper F., Knaden A., G. Meister V., Rehm S.
    Gemeinsame Digitalisierung durch die Entwicklung von IT-Governance-Structuren auf Landesebene
    In Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management. DOI: 10.1365/s35764-022-00393-8

  • Lachat P., Bennani N., Rehn-Sonigo V., Brunie L., Kosch H.
    Detecting Inference Attacks Involving Raw Sensor
    Data: A Case Study. Sensors, 2022, 22 (21), pp.8140.
    10.3390/s22218140. hal-03831019

  • Lachat P., Bennani N., Rehn-Sonigo V., Brunie L., Kosch H.
    Detecting inference attacks involving sensor data in a multi-database context: Issues & challenges
    Internet Technology Letters, 2022,
    10.1002/itl2.387. hal-03623026v2

  • Rafik S., Lachat P., Bennani N., Rehn-Sonigo V.
    Towards a Distributed Inference Detection System in a Multi-Database Context
    14th IEEE International Workshop on Security Aspects in Processes and Services Engineering (SAPSE 2022), Torino, Italy.
    pp.1550-1554, 10.1109/COMPSAC54236.2022.00246. hal-03784599

  • Becher, S., Bölz, F., Gerl, A.
    Closing the Gap Between Privacy Policies and Privacy Preferences with Privacy Interfaces
    In: Katsikas, S., Furnell, S. (eds) Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business. TrustBus 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13582. Springer, Cham. [PDF]

  • Fekih Hassen W., Mezghani J.
    CNN based approach for Indoor Positioning Services using RSSI Fingerprinting Technique
    2022 International Wireless Communcations and Mobile Computing (IWCMC). IEE, 2022. DOI:10.1109/IWCMC55113.2022.982487 

  • Asutosh A. and Gerl A.
    Access Control for a Connected Vehicle Ecosystem
    2021 11th International Conference on Advanced Computer Infomation Technologies (ACIT), 2021, pp. 479-482, doi: 10.1109/ACIT52158.2021.9548425. [LINK]

  • Ashutosh A., Gerl A., Wagner S., Brunie L. and Kosch H. XACML for Mobility (XACML4M)—An Access Control Framework for Connected Vehicles. Sensors 2023, 23, 1763. [LINK]
  • L. Brunie, S. Ben Mokhtar, D. Brac de la Perrière, D. Fabrègue, L. Tondu, A. Cordier, V. Delplanque, A. Bertrand, O. Coueffe, H. Kosch, E. Damiani, S. Cimato, I.A. Awada, A. Olaru, R. Wossidlo, G. Fiorentino, M. Lombardo, F.S. Nucci, O. Cramariuc (2022): Fostering student entrepreneurship mindset through the embedding of international student teams into start-ups and the study of company-driven open questions. EDULEARN22 Proceedings, pp. 4544-4549. [LINK] 
  • L. Brunie, S. Ben Mokhtar, D. Brac de la Perrière, D. Fabrègue, L. Tondu, A. Cordier, V. Delplanque, A. Bertrand, O. Coueffe, H. Kosch, E. Damiani, S. Cimato, I.A. Awada, A. Olaru, R. Wossidlo, G. Fiorentino, L. Lombardo, F.S. Nucci, O. Cramariuc (2022): Training future IT Leaders in a collaborative and multicultural setting. EDULEARN22 Proceedings, pp. 5318-5321. [LINK]