Publications 2021

  • Liana Ermakova, Patrice Bellot, Pavel Braslavski, Jaap Kamps, Josiane Mothe, Diana Nurbakova, IrinaOvchinnikova & Eric Sanjuan 
    Text Simplification for Scientific Information Access
    43rd edition of the annual BCS-IRSG European Conference on Information Retrieval : Advances in Information Retrieval (ECIR 2021), April 1st 2021, Lucca (virtual) (Italy) HAL : hal-03121986. [PDF]
  • Liana Ermakova, Diana Nurbakova & Irina Ovchinnikova
    Opposition politique et polarisation de groupe dans la discussion des traitements de la Covid-19 sur Twitter
    Extraction et Gestion des connaissances EGC 2021, January 25st 2021, Montpellier (France). [PDF]
  •  Diana Nurbakova, Liana Ermakova & Irina Ovchinnikova
    Understanding the Personality of Contributors to Information Cascades in Social Media in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    HAL : hal-03122001. [PDF]
  • Diana NurbakovaSylvie Calabretto, Timothée Saumet & Jialiang Wei
    Extraction de signaux comportementaux d’utilisateur et prédiction de conclusion de vente
    Extraction et Gestion des connaissances, {EGC} 2021, January 25st 2021, Montpellier (France). Poster. [PDF]
  • Alaa Alhamzeh, Mohamed Bouhaouel, E.Egyed-Zsigmond, , J.Mitrovic, L.Brunie, and H.Kosch
    A Stacking Approach for Cross-Domain Argument Identification
    In DEXA 2021- The 32nd International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications. [BOOK]

  • Alaa Alhamzeh , Saptarshi Mukhopadhaya, Salim Hafid, Alexandre Bremard, Elod Egyed-Zsigmond, Harald Kosch, and Lionel Brunie
    A Hybrid Approach for Stock Market Prediction Using Financial News and Stocktwits
    In CLEF 2021-Conference and Labs of the Evaluation. [BOOK]

  • Alaa Alhamzeh, Mohamed Bouhaouel, E.Egyed-Zsigmond,  J.Mitrovic
    DistilBERT-based Argumentation Retrieval for Answering Comparative Questions
    Notebook for the Touché Lab on Argument Retrieval at CLEF 2021. [PDF]
  •  Janka Hartmann & Omar Hasan
    A social-capital based approach to blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending
    The Third IEEE International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications (BCCA 2021), November 15th 2021, Tartu (Estonia). HAL : hal-03371872.
  • Lu Gan, Diana Nurbakova, Léa Laporte & Sylvie Calabretto
    EMDKG: Improving Accuracy-Diversity Trade-Off in Recommendation with EM-based Model and Knowledge Graph Embedding
    The 20th IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, December 14th 2021, Melbourne (Australia). doi : 10.1145/3486622.3493925. HAL : hal-03518867.
  •  Romain Mathonat, Diana Nurbakova, Jean-François Boulicaut & Mehdi Kaytoue
    Anytime Subgroup Discovery in High Dimensional Numerical Data
    IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA), October 6th 2021, Porto (Portugal). HAL : hal-03318017.
  •  Wisnu Uriawan, Omar HasanYouakim Badr & Lionel Brunie
    Collateral-Free Trustworthiness-Based Personal Lending on a Decentralized Application (DApp)
    The 18th International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT 2021), July 6th 2021, Lieusaint – Paris (France). HAL : hal-03258921
  •  Senda Romdhani, Genoveva Vargas-Solar, Nadia Bennani & Chirine Ghedira
    QoS-based Trust Evaluation for Data Services as a Black Box
    INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WEB SERVICES, September 10th 2021, chicago (United States). HAL : hal-03314992.
  • Irina Ovchinnikova, Diana Nurbakova & Liana Ermakova
    What Science-Related Topics Need to Be Popularized? A Comparative Study
    CLEF 2021 – Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, September 21st 2021, Bucharest (online) (Romania). HAL : hal-03328176. .
  •  Liana Ermakova, Patrice Bellot, Pavel Braslavski, Jaap Kamps, Josiane Mothe, Diana Nurbakova, Irina Ovchinnikova & Eric Sanjuan
    Overview of SimpleText CLEF 2021 Workshop and Pilot Tasks
    12th Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF 2021), September 21st 2021, Bucharest (online) (Romania), pp. 2212-2227. HAL : hal-03328174.
  • Besma Khalfoun, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Sara Bouchenak & Vlad Nitu
    EDEN: Enforcing Location Privacy through Re-identification Risk Assessment: A Federated Learning Approach
    Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, vol. 5, n°2, p. 68. doi : 10.1145/3463502. HAL : hal-03274635.