Publications 2020

  • Minale Ashagrie Abebe , Joe Tekli, Fekade Getahun, Richard Chbeir, Gilbert Tekli: Generic metadata representation framework for social-based event detection, description, and linkage. Knowl. Based Syst. 188 (2020)

Publications 2019

  • Karam Bou Chaaya, Mahmoud Barhamgi, Richard Chbeir, Philippe Arnould, Djamal Benslimane: Context-aware System for Dynamic Privacy Risk Inference: Application to smart IoT environments. Future Gener. Comput. Syst. 101: 1096-1111 (2019)

  • Joe Tekli, Richard Chbeir, Agma J. M. Traina, Caetano Traina Jr.: SemIndex+: A semantic indexing scheme for structured, unstructured, and partly structured data. Knowl. Based Syst. 164: 378-403 (2019)

  • Elio Mansour, Richard Chbeir, Philippe Arnould, EQL-CE: An Event Query Language for Connected Environments, 23rd International Database Applications & Engineering Symposium (IDEAS 2019), Jun 2019, Athènes, Greece. pp.7, ⟨10.1145/3331076.3331103⟩

  • Lara Kallab, Richard Chbeir, Michael Mrissa: Automatic K-Resources Discovery for Hybrid Web Connected Environments. ICWS 2019: 146-153

  • S. Wilhelm and A. Gerl
    Policy-based Authentication and Authorization based on the Layered Privacy Language Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web (BTW 2019), Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn, (2019)

Publications 2018

  • M Sepehri, A Trombetta, M Sepehri, E Damiani An Efficient Cryptography-Based Access Control Using Inner-Product Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (2018) [PDF]

  • Federico Buffoni, Gabriele Gianini, Ernesto Damiani, Michael Granitzer
    All-implicants Neural Networks for Efficient Boolean Function Representation IEEE ICCC/IEEE 2018 World Congress on Services [PDF]

  • Planche Benjamin, Xuejian Rong, Ziyan Wu, Srikrishna Karanam, Harald Kosch, YingLi Tian, Andreas Hutter, and Jan Ernst:
    Incremental Scene Synthesis. arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.12297 (2018). [PDF]

  • Planche Benjamin, Sergey Zakharov, Ziyan Wu, Andreas Hutter, Harald Kosch, and Slobodan Ilic:
    Seeing Beyond Appearance-Mapping Real Images into Geometrical Domains for Unsupervised CAD-based Recognition. arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.04158 (2018). [PDF]

  • Zakharov  Sergey, Benjamin Planche, Ziyan Wu, Andreas Hutter, Harald Kosch, and Slobodan Ilic:
    Keep it Unreal: Bridging the Realism Gap for 2.5 D Recognition with Geometry Priors Only. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.09113 (2018). [PDF]

  • Vincent Primault, Mohamed Maouche, Antoine Boutet, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Sara Bouchenak, Lionel Brunie:
    ACCIO: How to Make Location Privacy Experimentation Open and Easy. ICDCS 2018: 896-906 [PDF]

  • Mohamed Maouche, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Sara Bouchenak:
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  • Masoomeh Sepehri, Alberto Trombetta, Maryam Sepehri, Ernesto Damiani:
    An Efficient Cryptography-Based Access Control Using Inner-Product Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme. ARES 2018: 12:1-12:10 [PDF]

  • Vincent Primault, Mohamed Maouche, Antoine Boutet, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Sara Bouchenak, Lionel Brunie:
    ACCIO: How to Make Location Privacy Experimentation Open and Easy. ICDCS 2018: 896-906

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    Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature 2018, 2018, Transactions on Large-Scale Databases and Knowledge-Centered Systems (TLDKS) XXXVII , pp. 1-40

  • Armin Gerl, Florian Prey
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    Mensch und Computer 2018 – Tagungsband, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., 2018

  • A. Gerl, D. Pohl.
    Critical Analysis of LPL according to Articles 12 – 14 of the GDPR
    International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES) 2018 (iE)

  • A. Gerl.
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  • V. Charpenay, S. Käbisch, H. Kosch.
    Towards a Binary Object Notation for RDF
    The Semantic Web. ESWC 2018.

  • J. Jurgovsky, M. Granitzer, K. Ziegler, S. Calabretto, P.-E. Portier, L. He-Guelton, O. Caelen.
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  • D. Nurbakova, L. Laporte, S. Calabretto, J. Gensel.
    Recommandation de séquences d’activités pendant des événements distribués
    CORIA-TALN 2018: 16pp

Publications 2017

  • Tarek Awwad, Nadia Bennani, Konstantin Ziegler, Veronika Sonigo, Lionel Brunie, Harald Kosch:
    Efficient Worker Selection Through History-Based Learning in Crowdsourcing. COMPSAC (1) 2017: 923-928 [PDF]

  • Guido Lena Cota, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Gabriele Gianini, Ernesto Damiani, Julia Lawall, Gilles Muller, Lionel Brunie:
    Analysing Selfishness Flooding with SEINE. DSN 2017: 603-614 [PDF]

  • Wiem Fekih Hassen, Faïza Najjar, Lionel Brunie, Harald Kosch, Yahya Slimani:
    Smart PDR integration for ubiquitous pedestrian navigation service. IWCMC 2017: 1558-1563 [PDF]

  • A. Gerl, D. Pohl.
    The Right to data portability between legal possibilities and technical boundaries
    Practical Implementation of the Right to Data Portability- Legal, Technical and Consumer-Related Implications, 2017, 208-224.

  • V. Charpenay, S. Käbisch, H. Kosch.
    \mu $ μ RDF Store: Towards Extending the Semantic Web to Embedded Devices
    The Semantic Web: ESWC 2017 Satellite Events.

  • T. Awwad, N. Bennani, K. Ziegler, V. Rehn-Sonigo, L. Brunie & H. Kosch.
    Efficient Worker Selection Through History-based Learning in Crowdsourcing
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  • D. Nurbakova, J. Yang, I. Cantador, M. Cortés-Cediel, A. Bozzon.
    Recommender systems for citizens: the CitRec’17 workshop manifesto.
    The International Workshop on Citizens for Recommender Systems, CitRec@RecSys 201731st August 2017, Como, Italy.

  • D. Nurbakova, L. Laporte, S. Calabretto, J. Gensel.
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  • D. Nurbakova, L. Laporte, S. Calabretto, J. Gensel.
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    CitRec@RecSys 2017: 3:1-3:4.

  • D. Nurbakova, L. Laporte, S. Calabretto, J. Gensel.
    Itinerary Recommendation for Cruises: User Study.
    RecTour@RecSys 2017: 31-34

Publications 2016

  • S. Zwicklbauer, C. Seifert, M. Granitzer.
    Robust and Collective Entity Disambiguation Through Semantic Embeddings
    Proceedings of the 39th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, pp. 425–434, New York, NY, USA. 

  • S. Zwicklbauer, C. Seifert, M. Granitzer.
    DoSeR – A Knowledge-Base-Agnostic Framework for Entity Disambiguation Using Semantic Embeddings
    The Semantic Web. Latest Advances and New Domains – 13th International Conference, ESWC 2016, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 29 – June 2, 2016, Proceedings, pp. 182–198. 

  • T. Awwad, N. Bennani, L. Brunie, D. Coquil, H. Kosch, V. Rehn-Senigo.
    Task Characterization for an Effective Worker Targeting in Crowdsourcing
    HASE 2016, 63-64

  • M. Alsarem, P.-E. Portier, S. Calabretto, H. Kosch.
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  • D. Nurbakova, L. Laporte, S. Calabretto, J. Gensel.
    ANASTASIA : recommandation de séquences d’activités spatiotemporelles
    CORIA-CIFED 2016: 325-334