PhD Students

Ongoing IRIXYS PhD students (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon or Uni Milano/INSA Lyon)

Paul LACHAT (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Privacy protection and trust management in Edge Computing environments


Alaa ALHAMEZ (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Information retrieval from social media


Ashish ASHUTOSH (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Environment for user profile interoperability and open customization of services 


Felix BÖLZ (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Explainable and Privacy-preserving Recommendation


Annalisa BARSOTI (UNI Milano/INSA Lyon) on Reccomendation system for telco marketing

 Doctor titles of IRIXYS PhD students have been delivered to:

Wiem Fekih HASSEN (ENS Tunis/INSA Lyon-LIRIS/MDPS) on A ubiquitous navigation service on smartphones (February 2020)

Mathieu GARCHERY on User-centered intrusion detection using heterogeneous data (December 2020)

Benjamin PLANCHE on Training visual recognition systems on scare data (July 2020)

Armin GERL on Modelling of a Privacy Language and Efficient Policy-based De-identification (December 2019)

Victor CHARPENAY on Semantics for the Web of Things: Modeling the Physical World as a Collection of Things and Reasoning with their Description (October 2019)

Yvan LUCAS on Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning with Integration of Contextual Knowledge (December 2019)

Johannes JURGOVSKY on Context-Aware Credit Card Fraud Detection (December 2019)

Tarek AWWAD on Context-Aware Worker Selection For Efficient Quality Control In Crowdsourcing (December 2018)

Diana NURBAKOVA on Recommendation of activity sequences during distributed events (2018)

Albin PETIT (INSA Lyon/UNI Passau) on Introducing Privacy in Current Web Search Engines (2017)

Guido LENA COTA (INSA Lyon/ Uni Milano) on Addressing Selfishness in the Design of Cooperative Systems (2017)

Vincent PRIMAULT (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Practically Preserving and Evaluating Location Privacy (2017)

Mazen ALSAREM (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Semantic Snippets via Query-Biased Ranking of Linked Data Entitie(2016)

Merza KLAGHSTAN (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Video Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks, a Scalable Scheme:Towards a Better User-Viewing-Experience (2016)

Natacha Ndjafa ARMELLE (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Specialized and secured data spaces (2014)

 Lyes LIMAM (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Usage-Driven Unified Model for User Profile and Data Source Profile Extraction (2014)

 Sergieh Hatem MOUSSELY (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Search-based Automatic Image Annotation using Geotagged Community Photos (2014)

Christian VILSMEIER (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Contextualized Access to Distributed and Heterogeneous Multimedia Data Sources (2014)

Yulian YANG (INSA Lyon/Uni Milano) on Metaheuristic based Peer Rewiring for Semantic Overlay Networks (2014)

Vanessa EL KHOURY (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Semantic Protection and Personalization of Video Content PIAF: MPEG Compliant Framework Preserving User Perceived Quality (2013)

Tobias MAYER (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Achieving Collaboration in Distributed Sysetms Deployed over Selfish Peers (2013)

Jingwei MIAO (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Contextualized Access to Distributed and Heterogeneous Multimedia Data Sources (2013)

Zeina TORBEY (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Increasing Data Availability in Mobile ad-hoc Networks: a Community-centric and Resource-aware Replication Approach (2012)