PhD Students

Ongoing IRIXYS MDPS PhD students (Uni Passau; INSA Lyon; Uni Milano; UPPA | double supervision or associated doctorate)

Amani DRISSI (associate thesis UPPA/MDPS) on Topic Modeling for Semantic Exploration and Recommendations

Fouad ACHKOUTY (associate thesis UPPA/MDPS) on Indexing of Resources in Connected Environments

Amal BELDI (associate thesis UPPA/MDPS) on Personalized modeling and summarized heterogeneous Data Graphs

Farid YESSOUFOU (associate thesis UPPA/MDPS) on Location protection in crowdsourcing environment

Jean-Raphael RICHA (associate thesis UPPA/MDPS) on Semantic representation of data Obsolescence in connected environments

Duaa BAIG (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Knowledge-Graph based Recommender System for Apprenticeship

Saman FOULADI (Associate Thesis Uni Milano/MDPS) on AI-ML Fusion Techniques for the Early Diagnosis of Prostatic Cancer

Johan LEYDET (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Extracting knowledge from texts

Brandon MOSQUEDA (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Privacy-preserving and efficient decentralized machine learning

Michael PRUMMER (associate thesis Uni Passau/MDPS) on Industrial metaverse and digital ownership

Jahanzeb SHAHID (Associate Thesis Uni Milano/MDPS) on Blockchain-based security for the Healthcare Devices

Yutong WANG (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Machine learning methods for Digital Humanities

Ashish ASHUTOSH (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Environment for user profile interoperability and open customization of services

Matthieu BETTINGER (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on D3PT4S: Personalized & Privacy-Preserving Search for Decentralized Service

Felix BÖLZ (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Explainable and Privacy-preserving Recommendation

Annalisa BARSOTI (Associate Thesis Uni Milano/MDPS) on Recommendation system for telco marketing

Stefan BECHER (associate thesis Uni Passau/MDPS) on ConTra Preference language – Unified Privacy Policy Negociation

Christopher FELLICIOUS (associate thesis Uni Passau/MDPS)on SSH Key Extraction

Pierre-Yves GENEST (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on  Enhancing DocRED with entity-linking to evaluate information extraction pipelines

Kanishka GHOSH DASTIDAR (associated thesis Uni Passau/MDPS/Worline) on The Importance of Future Information in Credit Card Fraud Detection 

Rafael OYAMADA (associate thesis Uni Milano/MDPS) on Conditioned generation of event data and encoding methods for event attributes

Ines RAMOS (associate thesis Uni Milano/MDPS) on An interpretable wearable sensors-based framework for human performance in safety-critical human computer interactions, based on Deep Learning and Information Fusion Techniques

Sascha SCHIEGG (associated thesis Uni Passau/MDPS) on Charging stations and their data potential

Julian STIER (associate thsis Uni Passau/MDPS) on  Structures of Neural Networks – Empirical Investigations

Lorenz WENDLINGER (associate thesis Uni Passau/MDPS) on Link prediction with GNNs

Sebastian WILHELM (associate thesis UNI Passau/TH Deggendorf/MDPS) on Human Activity Recognition (Re-)Using Data from the Residential Infrastructure


 Doctor titles of IRIXYS PhD students have been delivered to:

Paul LACHAT (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Privacy protection and trust management in Edge Computing environment (2024)

Alaa ALHAMZEH (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Language Reasoning by means of Argument Mining and Argument Quality (2023)

Wisnu URIAWAN (associate thesis INSA Lyon-LIRIS/MDPS) on LAPS: Computing Loan Default Risk from User Activity, Profile, and Recommandations (2022)

Rania TALBI (associate thesis Uni Passau/MDPS) on Robust and privacy preserving distributed machine learning (2021)

Wiem Fekih HASSEN (ENS Tunis/INSA Lyon-LIRIS/MDPS) on A ubiquitous navigation service on smartphones (2020)

Mathieu GARCHERY (associate thesis Uni Passau/MDPS) on User-centered intrusion detection using heterogeneous data (December 2020)

Rémi CANILLAS (associate thesis INSA LIRIS/MDPS) on Privacy and Security in a B2B environment : Focus on Supplier Impersonation Fraud Detection using Data Analysis (2020)

Benjamin PLANCHE (associate thesis Uni Passau/MDPS) on Training visual recognition systems on scare data (2020)

Armin GERL (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Modelling of a Privacy Language and Efficient Policy-based De-identification (December 2019)

Victor CHARPENAY (Uni Passau/Siemens) on Semantics for the Web of Things: Modeling the Physical World as a Collection of Things and Reasoning with their Description (October 2019)

Yvan LUCAS (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning with Integration of Contextual Knowledge (December 2019)

Leopold GHEMMOGNE FOSSI (associate thesis Uni Milano/MDPS) on Gestion des règles basée sur l’indice de puissance pour la détection de fraude : Approches supervisées et semi-supervisées (2019)

Mohamed MAOUCHE (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Protection against re-identification attacks in location privacy (2019)

Johannes JURGOVSKY (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Context-Aware Credit Card Fraud Detection (December 2019)

Tarek AWWAD (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Context-Aware Worker Selection For Efficient Quality Control In Crowdsourcing (December 2018)

Diana NURBAKOVA (associate thesis INSA-IRIS/MDPS) on Recommendation of activity sequences during distributed events(2018)

Albin PETIT (INSA Lyon/UNI Passau) on Introducing Privacy in Current Web Search Engines (2017)

Guido LENA COTA (INSA Lyon/ Uni Milano) on Addressing Selfishness in the Design of Cooperative Systems (2017)

Vincent PRIMAULT (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Practically Preserving and Evaluating Location Privacy (2017)

Mazen ALSAREM (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Semantic Snippets via Query-Biased Ranking of Linked Data Entitie(2016)

Merza KLAGHSTAN (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Video Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks, a Scalable Scheme:Towards a Better User-Viewing-Experience (2016)

Armelle Natacha NDJAFA YAKOU (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) on Specialized and secured data spaces (2014)

 Lyes LIMAM (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Usage-Driven Unified Model for User Profile and Data Source Profile Extraction (2014)

 Hatem MOUSSELY-SERGIEH (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Search-based Automatic Image Annotation using Geotagged Community Photos (2014)

Christian VILSMAIER (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Contextualized Access to Distributed and Heterogeneous Multimedia Data Sources (2014)

Yulian YANG (INSA Lyon/Uni Milano) on Metaheuristic based Peer Rewiring for Semantic Overlay Networks (2014)

Vanessa EL KHOURY (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Semantic Protection and Personalization of Video Content PIAF: MPEG Compliant Framework Preserving User Perceived Quality (2013)

Tobias MAYER (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) on Achieving Collaboration in Distributed Sysetms Deployed over Selfish Peers (2013)

Jingwei MIAO (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) on Contextualized Access to Distributed and Heterogeneous Multimedia Data Sources (2013)

Zeina TORBEY (associate thesis INSA-LIRIS/MDPS) onIncreasing Data Availability in Mobile ad-hoc Networks: a Community-centric and Resource-aware Replication Approach (2012)