IRIXYS is at Vivatech !

IRIXYS members visited the Vivatech convention in Paris. We took part in the French-German Tech Lab, by giving a presentation on “Fostering scientific collaboration, innovation & training for future leaders in AI” and on our French German cooperation. This French-German Tech lab is dedicated to the promotion of the French-German business and technological cooperation. It is perfectly in line with what IRIXYS is thriving to develop more and more.

The whole Vivatech convention is of course a wonderful occasion to strenghten and create links with other industries and institutions.

The IRIXYS team was joined by the young startup INQEE, a winner of the bavarian-French AI Cup from last year. They presented their innovative business around AI to the French-German stand. Thanks to the INQEE members for their trust and hard work: Max Adelheit, Max Auburger, Ante Bandov and Daniel Brunner.

Many thanks to the UFA/DFH, to the French-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to all of our French-German partners for making all of this possible !

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