FIT Europe – Transnational Meeting

On the 30th of September the FIT Europe Transnational Meeting took place in a Hybrid Format. The participants who were able to join offline came together in the International House Building of Passau University to talk about the upcoming 3rd Fit Europe Seminar hosted by Milan University.

Participants from left to right: Mohammed Messalti (Student), Ousmane Touat (Student), Axelle Cheney (Strategic Advisor to University Vice-Presidents Europe/Research – Uni Passau), Ophélie Coueffé (International Projects Assistant – Uni Passau), Dorothée Brac de la Perrière (European projects manager – INSA Lyon), Andrei Olaru (Researcher – Politehnica Bucharest), Laetitia Tondu (International Project Assistants – INSA Lyon), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bartosch (President of the University of Passau), Alizée Bertrand (International Projects manager – Uni Passau), Hajar Menasra (Volunteer – Uni Passau), Prof. Damien Fabrègue (Vice-President for International Affairs – INSA Lyon), Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch (Professor – Uni Passau)

Read all about it here!

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