Fit Europe -First Seminar at Passau University

Next week students and professionals in IT are coming together online, for the first Seminar of the Fit Europe Project.

Fit Europe is an output of our International Research & Innovation Centre IRIXYS. Whereat besides the corporates INSA Lyon (France), University of Milan (Italy) and University of Passau (Germany), the Politethnica in Bucharest (Romania) is deeply involved.

The aim is to train “Future IT Leaders for a Multicultural Digital Europe”. Therefore we bring together industrial and academic participants to develop new methods or practices, hand in hand.

Nearly one and a half years after launching this innovativ project, the first host (University of Passau) is making final arrangements for a successful start.

Even though the pandemic forced us to switch to an online format, our team is confident about an enriching outcome of the first Seminar, thematizing “Big Data and its ethical/ societal implications”.

From the 22nd to the 25th February 2021 the selected student will not only learn about tomorrow’s technology and techniques on Al and big data, but also reflect about the societal dimensions of these technologies.

In parallel to a number of “blocks”, focusing on several aspects and led by experts, students will be split in 5 international teams, who will develop a project throughout the week. The project will be presented on the final day in front of a jury, who will choose a “winning” students’ team.

If you are interested in further details about Fit Europe, visit our website:

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