Final Fit Europe Seminar in Bucharest Recap

From March 21st to 25th, the last Fit Europe seminar was held in Bucharest. What an incredible week!

We are very pleased, that 35 students from France, Italy, Germany and Romania attended in presence and got the possibility to exchange ideas and discuss on the topic “Integration of Assistive Robots in a Multicultural and Multigenerational Society” with experts.

The experts gave the students input on very different topics like for example Elderly Assistance and Monitoring Using a Robotic Platform or Social Robotics: Challenges and Applications.  But also Critical raw materials, conflict minerals and shortfall of elements used in electronic and electrical devices. An approach taking into account recycling and recovery of materials was a topic, the students dealt with.

The students were split in 5 international teams, and developed a project throughout the week, focusing on ethical, societal and technical issues related to AI. The projects results included topics as “Reasoning about ethical issues in designing assisted living robots”, “Are robots better fit for the future than humans?” or “Can one be a fan of a robot football team?”

We would like to thank all participants and experts for this exciting and enlightening week!

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