2 month since Fit Europes first Seminar!

“We had no idea what the students would deliver!”confessed Dorothée Brac de la Perrière, who is in charge of the Fit Europe project at the side of INSA Lyon. She amongst many others has been amazed by how deeply the participants got involved during this first Fit Europe Seminar “Should data rule tomorrows world?”. In spite of being confronted by unexpected challenges due to the Corona Pandemic, the now virtually Seminar did not lose any of its multicultural and interactive character. Between the 22nd and the 26th of February students from Germany, France, Italy and Romania and experts in computer science, law, humanities and business we able to discuss the topic of Big Data, to exchange ideas and present new perspectives to each other!

After this amazing start we are looking forward to the second Seminar of Fit Europe that will take place in June 2021 hosted by INSA Lyon. On their campus….or in the digital format!

To get to know more about the Fit Europe project and the first Seminar hosted by Passau University, have a look at our latest Press Release:

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