IRIXYS Identity
The International Research & Innovation Centre on Digital Intelligent Systems gathers excellence in computer science research and academia from France, Germany and Italy
Industry & Partners
Over the years, IRIXYS has built a strong network with industry players and public partners at European, national and local levels, to make a sustainable impact on society
Our work, research collaboration and discoveries on Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Security & Privacy and Distributed & Pervasive Systems is the cornerstone of IRIXYS
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French-German Summerschool 2021

We are happy to announce the French-German Summerschool 2021 on Artificial Intelligence with industry taking place digitally from the 21st...
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Utopie Europa Team meets Prof. Kaiser (Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics)

This year, a University of Passau team, the only selected team from Bavaria, achieved third place in the Utopie Europa...
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2 month since Fit Europes first Seminar!

"We had no idea what the students would deliver!"confessed Dorothée Brac de la Perrière, who is in charge of the...
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Utopie Europa

“These are real world problems we start facing today. And they will affect your generation much more than mine! So you need...
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