Founding Institutions


  • Chair of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems / Chair of Data Science – Universität Passau

The University of Passau is the youngest university in Bavaria, South-East Germany founded in 1978 and has the title “most beautiful campus in Germany”. It counts 13,000 students and doctoral researchers from more than 100 countries and comprises four faculties (Faculty of Law, Business Administration and Economics, Arts and Humanities and Computer Science and Mathematics).

The Chair of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems headed by Prof. Harald Kosch with the commitment of Prof. Michael Granitzer (Chair of Data Science) governs IRIXYS from the Passau side. Those two chairs belong to the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics. The Faculty has more than 100 permanent researchers and is a very well-recognized computer science faculty in Germany.

Research interests of the two chairs: distributed information systems, machine learning, Big Data, Data analysis and mining, pattern recognition, language and knowledge technologies, pervasive and mobile information systems and multimedia engineering,  discovery in media, interactive information retrieval, visual analytics, collective intelligence.

Application fields: multimedia, e-humanities and cultural heritage (together with the faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University).


  • SESAR Lab. – Università degli studi di Milano

The University of Milan (Università degli studi di Milano) was founded in 1924 and is nowadays a leading institute in Italy and Europe for scientific productivity.  With 8 faculties and 2 schools and a teaching staff of more than 2000 professors, the university is well known for its wide variety of disciplinary fields. It has more than 65,000 students and about 6,000 postgraduates.

The Computer Science Department counts more than 200 members among professors, associate professors, researchers, staff members, PhD students, post-docs. The SESAR laboratory (Secure Service-oriented Architectures Research) is headed by Prof. Ernesto Damiani.

Research interests: knowledge management, geo-localization and mobile networks and security of distributed systems.

Application fields: digital services (Telecom Italia, SAP).


  • DRIM, LIRIS Lab. – INSA Lyon

The INSA Lyon is a prestigious engineering school (Grande Ecole d’Ingénieurs) located in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon, France. It was founded in 1957. It has about 5.500 students. Among those are about 650 doctoral students and 30% international students.

Hosting 330 researchers, the LIRIS (Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Images et Systèmes d’information) is a French top research laboratory in information systems and image processing. Researchers of LIRIS involved in IRIXYS are members of the Distributed Systems, Information Retrieval and Mobility (DRIM) research team headed by Professor Lionel Brunie.

Research interests: data management in distributed and pervasive systems and information retrieval, with a special interest in e-humanities and e-health applications.

Application fields: e-health (patient health record, long term care follow-up, health networks, medical knowledge management, assessment of e-health systems) and e-humanities (document modeling, digital libraries, collaborative edition, semantic information retrieval).