Summer school 2017

Summer school “Big Data and Business: Methods, Technologies and Innovation”

Frauenwörth Monastery, Chiemsee lake, Bavaria, Germany

July 16th to July 21st 2017


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IRIXYS and the AIDA consortium (Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics) in collaboration Atos International Germany jointly organised a Summer School for PhD students and junior scientists with the title “Big Data and Business: Methods, Technologies and Innovation”.

The Summer School intended to build a strong network of young and experienced scientists for future cooperations. Addressing different approaches in the field of Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Machine Learning, the event aimed at getting a deeper insight into fundamental research works as well as technological transfer and industrial purposes.

The Summer School particularly targeted PhD students. Master students who were interested in pursuing their academic path in the research field could participate within the number of available places.


The Summer School took place at Frauenwörth, a Benedictine abbey located on the Fraueninsel in Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria. Beside the monatisc life of the Benedictine community, the abbey is used all over the year as a venue for conferences or seminars.

The Chiemsee Lake also called the “Bavarian sea” is the biggest lake in Bavaria and is situated in the Bavarian Alps, around 90 km from Munich.

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  • Prof. Dr. Benno Stein (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) – “Societal Challenges of Information Retrieval”
  • Ulrich-Anton Häring (Atos) – “To the Cloud and Beyond – Identity and Access Management of the future”
  • Dr. Marc Duranton (CEA –  French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) – “Bringing intelligence to the edge”
  • Dr. Hubert Tardieu (Atos) – “Journey 2020 – Digital Shockwaves in Business”
  • Prof. Dr. Nicolas Vayatis (ENS Cachan) – “A machine learning approach to scoring – theory, algorithms and applications”
  • MR Michael Köller (Bavarian State Chancellery) – “Franco-Bavarian relations”
  • Bérénice Kimpe (Association Bernard Grégory – UFA/DFH) – “Researchers’ career development”
  • Prof. Dr. Gianluca Bontempi (ULB – Université Libre de Bruxelles) – “Machine Learning Strategies for Time Series Forecasting”
  • Dr. Elisa Fromont (Université Jean Monnet St-Etienne) – “Unsupervised Interpretable Pattern Discovery in Time Series Using Autoencoders”
  • Felix Remmel (Worldline) –  “Fraud Solutions – Rules and Models at work”
  • Alexander Pauls, Roland Wossidlo, Lea Bergbauer, Karl Zupfer, Jochen Gemke (Atos) – “People trends towards 2020”


  • Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch (University of Passau)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer (University of Passau)
  • Prof. Dr. Lionel Brunie (INSA Lyon)
  • Prof. Dr. Ernesto Damiani (Università degli Studi di Milano)
  • Dr. Hubert Tardieu (CEO Advisor, Atos)
  • Dr. Frédéric Oblé (Atos Worldline)
  • Ulrich-Anton Häring (Atos International Germany)
  • Roland Wossidlo  (Atos International Germany)


  • Morwenna Joubin (University of Passau)
  • Axel Honsdorf (BFHZ – French-Bavarian University Cooperation Centre)
  • Zuzana Petrik (BFHZ – French-Bavarian University Cooperation Centre)
  • Roland Wossidlo (Atos International Germany)
  • Liyun He-Guelton (Atos Worldline)


For further information, please contact Morwenna Joubin or send a message via the IRIXYS homepage.

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