Recent PhDs​

The most recent Doctor titles of IRIXYS PhD students have been delivered to

  • Armin GERL on Modelling of a Privacy Language and Efficient Policy-based De-identification (December 2019)

  • Yvan LUCAS on Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning with Integration of Contextual Knowledge (December 2019)

  • Johannes JURGOVSKY on Context-Aware Credit Card Fraud Detection (December 2019)

  • Victor Charpenay on Semantics for the Web of Things (October 2019)

  • Tarek AWWAD on Context-Aware Worker Selection For Efficient Quality Control In Crowdsourcing (December 2018)

  • Diana NURBAKOVA on Recommendation of activity sequences during distributed events (2018)

  • Albin PETIT on Introducing Privacy in Current Web Search Engines (2017)

  • Guido LENA COTA on Addressing Selfishness in the Design of Cooperative Systems (2017)

  • Vincent PRMAULT on Practically Preserving and Evaluating Location Privacy (2017)

  • Mazen ALSAREM on Semantic Snippets via Query-Biased Ranking of Linked Data Entitie(2016)

  • Merza KLAGHSTAN on Video Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks, a Scalable Scheme:Towards a Better User-Viewing-Experience (2016)