IRIXYS Young Scientists’ Workshops : digital sessions in June-July 2020!

We will not wait until our PhD students are allowed to travel and meet each other again!” This is what the IRIXYS steering committee decided within a digital meeting earlier this Spring aimed at discussing how to keep the IRIXYS cooperation alive in the frame of the Corona pandemic. As a consequence, although the Summer IRIXYS Young Scientists’ Workshop initially planned to take place in Biarritz had to be cancelled, the PhD students, research staff and professors from the four IRIXYS institutions . Pau University, INSA Lyon, Milan University and Passau University will discuss each others’ latest research findings in the frame of 4 visio-conferences taking place in June and July 2020. An appetizer for the next IRIXYS young scientists meeting, planned to take place in France in Autumn.

Here is the full program. You may access the workshop via Zoom (Zoom link:

June 12th:

– 15h-16h: Basma KHALFOUN (INSA Lyon)  on Privacy preserving large scale online sevices (location-based services).

– 16h-17h : Karam Bou Chaaya (Spider Lab/Pau University)  on Risk Management in Connected Environments

– 17h-18h: Paul LACHAT (INSA Lyon/Passau University)  on Detection & prevention of inference attacks linked to sensor data

June 19th:

– 15h-16h: Keynote speech from Pau University

– 16h-17h: Thomas VERAN (INSA Lyon) on XAI through learning the structure of a bayesian hierarchical model

– 17h-18h: Elio MANSOUR (Spider Lab/Pau University) on Query Rewriting in Connected Environments 

– 18h-19h: Sabri ALLANI (Spider Lab/Pau University) on Data Dissemination

July 10th:

– 15h-16h: Maria Chiara MOLTENI (Milan Universiy) on Secure computation and Garbled circuit in multi-valued logic

– 16h-17h: Uriawan Wisnu (INSA Lyon) on DApp Architecture for Personal Lending on Blockchain

– 17h-18h: Lara MAURI (Milan University)  on Blockchain applications and machine learning

– 18h-19h: Stefan BECHER (Passau University) on Privacy Preference Interfaces (WiP)

July 17th:

– 15h-16h: Saber ZERHOUDI (Passau University)  on Simulating Interactive Information Retrieval Systems

– 16h-17h: Ebtesam Almazrouei (United Arab Emirates University)  on Deep Learning for Radio signal Analytics

– 17h-18h: Ghalia Tello (United Arab Emirates University) on Attention-Based BiLSTM Framework for Predicting Business Process Violations

– 18h-19h: Kanishka  GHOSH DASTIDAR (Passau University/INSA Lyon) on NAG: Neural feature aggregation framework for credit card fraud detection 

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