Double Master Program ENSIIE/ University of Passau

The University of Passau (Germany) and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour l’Industrie et l’Entreprise ENSIIE of Evry (France) offers the possibility to carry out a double computer engineering Masters Program. Since the ratification of a mutual agreement in July 2019, in tighter bounds keep being built between both institutions. The double computer engineering Masters Programme University of Passau / ENSIIE is a higher-education program, at the end of which two diplomas are obtained: the University of Passau Masters Diploma in Digital Science (with a focus on information and communication systems) and the Diplôme d’ingénieur de l’ENSIIE. Moreover, this program ties education to research at a high level of engineering. The double Masters program also allows enrolled students to get to know a new culture, study in a new learning environment, and deepen their competences in the partner’s language.

Students from the University of Passau may join the double Masters program of the ENSIIE and study in Evry from the beginning of the M1/S1 semester; they then study at ENSIIE in France for 3 consecutive semesters (from M1/S1 to M2/S2) i.e. 3 semesters in total, translating into 90 ECTS – a traineeship is also planned at the end of the M1/S1 semester. The fourth semester (M2S2) takes place in Passau.

Students from the ENSIIE stay in France for 3 semesters. The second semester of their second year (M1/S2), followed by their full last year of Masters is taking place in Passau, where it corresponds to the second year of the “Master Informatik” studies program. ENSIIE students then write their Master thesis in Germany; this thesis is validated as a Graduation Project -“Projet de fin d’études (PFE)”- at the ENSIIE and is presented in front of a mixed commission composed of staff from the University of Passau and from ENSIIE, and according to the institutions’ own rules.

Double Masters students stemming from France and from Germany are united during their first semester as well as at the end of their fourth semester (final semester).

Information regarding the application process may be found on (currently only in German, soon to be translated into English):