Past workshops

The 17th MDPS workshop took place at the INSA Lyon, France from November 28th to December 2nd, 2017. Besides the research workshop, a Big Data Day as well as an official ceremony for the inauguration of IRIXYS was organized. Among the participants, we had the chance to welcome representatives from the INSA Lyon, the University of Milano, the German Embassy in Lyon and the Attaché for scientific and academic cooperation of the French Embassy in Germany. 
Finally Professor Ernesto Damiani (SESAR Lab, Università degli Studi di Milano) was awarded by the Ph.D. honoris causa the INSA Lyon. The ceremony has been held during the Big Data Day, where Ernesto Damiani gave a talk on “Big Data: Opportunities and societal issues”. 

Presentations held during the workshop:

Armin Gerl (Univ. Passau) – “LPL- A Layered Privacy Language”
Tarek Awwad (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Tarek Awwad – “Offline learning for worker selection in crowdsourcing”
Mohammed Maouche – “Quantifying location privacy using re-identification attacks.”
Maryam Sepheri – Not indicated
Benjamin Planche – “Manifold Learning for 3D Object Classification and Pose Estimation based on CNNs”
Jose Mena Roldan – “Applying recommender systems to scientific publications”
Leo Vetter – “Retrieving visual data with natural language”
Yvan Lucas – “Fraud Detection with Neural Networks – An Engineering Perspective”
Muhammad Muneeb Kiani – “Analysis of coordinating activities in Collaborative Working Environments”
Johannes Jurgovsky Not indicated
Victor Charpenay – “Optimizing SPARQL processing for constrained client-server communication”
Masoomeh Sepheri – Not indicated
Merza Klaghstan (Uni Passau / INSA Lyon) – PhD defense
Fatemeh Salehi Rizi – “Learning Feature Represenations for Large Graphs”
Wiem Fekih Hassen – “User-centric positioning technology selection algorithm”
Sophie Cerf – “Toward characterization and automatic configuration of Location Privacy Protection Mechanisms”
Léopold Fossi Ghemmogne – “Some development in the managemant of credit card fraud detection rules”
Prof. Ernesto Damiani – “Big Data: Opportunities and societal issues”


  • 1st IRIXYS workshop (16th MDPS edition)

The 16th MDPS workshop took place at Garda Lake (Villa Feltrinelli, Gargnano), Italy from June 20, 2016 to June 24, 2016.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Armin Gerl (Univ. Passau) – “Privacy-preserving data in distributed system”
Tarek Awwad (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Quality control in crowdsourcing: a recommender system approach”
Andreas Wölfl (Univ. Passau) – “Generating Qualifiable Avionics Software”
Benjamin Planche (Univ. Passau / SIEMENS) – “Leveraging on Realistic Simulations for Efficient 3D Pose Estimation from 2.5D Images”
Wiem Fekih Hassen (ENSI Tunis / INSA) – “A continuous indoor/outdoor pedestrian navigation service”
Johannes Jurgovsky (Univ. Passau / INSA) – “Fraud-Detection with Neural Networks”
Yvan Lucas (INSA) – “Fraud Detection with Machine-Learning and Contextual Knowledge”
Lucas Perronne (INSA/INP Grenoble) – “Towards efficient and robust BFT protocols”
Maryam Ehsanpour (Univ. Milano) – “Design of Garbled Circuit Using Quantum Gates in secure two party computation”
Diana Nurbakova (INSA) – “STAS: Recommendation of Spatio-Temporal Activities Sequences”
Mathieu Garchery (Univ. Passau) – “Credit card fraud detection using neural networks and linked data”
Morwenna Joubin (Univ. Passau) – “International Summer school in Intelligent Digital Systems 2017 “
Vincent Primault (INSA) – “Adaptive Location Privacy Framework”
Victor Charpenay (Univ. Passau / SIEMENS) – “Querying RDF data in a Constrained Environment”
Dr. Guido Bertoni (STMicroelectronics – Invited talk) – “Keccak and Permutation Based Cryptography”
Sameera A. Almulla (Khalifa Univ. Abu Dhabi) – “Web Service Security”
David Aparicio (INSA) – “Privacy-preserving data processing for semi-automatic reputation systems”
Masoomeh Sepehri (Univ. Milano) – “Secure data sharing using  attribute-based proxy re-encryption scheme”
Sophie Cerf (INSA/INP Grenoble) – “Control of BigData Cloud Services, application to MapReduce performance”
Morwenna Joubin (Univ.Passau) – “Intercultural approach to Wikipedia”
Dr. Maria L. Damiani (Univ. Milano – Invited Talk) – “Modeling rich mobility data: a database perspective”
Hamza Issa (Univ. Milano) – “Efficient access to overlaying spatial and textual trajectories”
Fatima Hachem (Univ. Milano) – “Analysis and understanding of mobility behavior from traces”
Albin Petit (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Introducing privacy in current Web search engines”
Dr. Tobias R. Mayer (INSA) – “Data traceability for value assessment in prescriptive analytics”
Leopold Ghemmogne Fossi (Univ. Milano) – “A Shapley Value based approach to the management of a pool of classification rules”


  • 15th MDPS Workshop

The 15th MDPS workshop took place in Lyon, France from November 23, 2015 to November 27, 2015. Its main focus was in the area of Big Data und Prescriptive Analytics.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Masoomeh Sepheri (Univ. Milano) – “Privacy in the Internet of Things (IOT)”
Vincent Primault (INSA) – “Location data sensitivity assessment”
Benjamin Planche (Univ. Passau / SIEMENS) – “Depth Images Dataset – Uses & Simulation”
Leopold Ghemmogne Fossi (Univ. Milano) – “Some uses of the Shapley Value in security: a short survey”
Guido Lena Cotta (INSA / Univ. Milano) – “A simulation environment for studying the impact of selfish nodes on P2P systems”
Renaud Sornin (Attestation Légale) – “Onceforall : interconnected B2B social networks”
Victor Charpenay (Univ. Passau / SIEMENS) – “Implementing a triple store for the Web of Things”
Dr. Konstantin Ziegler (Univ. Passau) – “Multiparty Computation with Rational Players”
Diana Nurbakova (INSA) – “Personalised Recommendation of Spatio-Temporal Activities Sequences”
Maryam Eshanpour (Univ. Milano) – “Secure Two-Party Computation Using Garbled Circuits”
Dr. Olivier Caelen (Worldline) – “Credit Card Fraud Detection and Concept-Drift Adaptation with Delayed Supervised Information”
IRIXYS presentation in the presence of E. Maurincomme, Director of INSA Lyon
Johannes Jurgovsky (INSA / Univ. Passau) “Memory Efficiency and Robustness of Word Embeddings”
Albin Petit (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Request Sensitivity Analysis for Efficient Private Web Search”
Dr. Maryam Sepheri (Univ. Milano) – “Secure Equality Search on Shared Encrypted Data”
Dr. Miguel P. Correia (University of Lisboa – Invited speaker) – “Cloud Service Dependability: Masking and Recovering”
Hayam Mousa (INSA) – “DTSRS: A Dynamic Trusted Set based Reputation System Robust Against Malicious and Colluding Adversaries”
Youakim Badr (LIRIS/INSA – Invited speaker) – “Identity and Access Management in the IoT”
Dr. Elöd Egyed Zsigmond (LIRIS/INSA) – Habilitation Defense – “From pixels to meanings”
Tarek Awwad (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Task Characterization For Effective Worker Targeting In Crowdsourcing”
Armin Gerl (Univ. Passau) – “Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing”
Wiem Fekih Hassen (ENSI Tunis / INSA) – “A positionning technology switch algorithm for ubiquitous pedestrian navigation systems”


  • 14th MDPS Workshop

The next MDPS workshop took place in Passau, Germany from June 22 to 26, 2015.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Johannes Jurgovsky (Univ. Passau / INSA) – PhD presentation
David Aparicio (INSA) – “SMPC as a service”
Vincent Primault (INSA) – “Preserving privacy of mobility traces”
Prof. Sara Bouchenak (INP Grenoble – Invited speaker)
Victor Charpenay (Univ. Passau / SIEMENS) – PhD presentation
Benjamin Planche (Univ. Passau / SIEMENS) – PhD presentation
Luis Lopera – PhD presentation
Silvia Mella – PhD presentation
Guido Lena Cota (Univ. Milano / INSA) – Designing selfish-resilient, collaborative systems”
Dawit K. Djote – PhD presentation
Diana Nurbakova – PhD presentation
Discussion with Ms Suzanne Öttl (Bavarian State Chancellery)
Albin Petit (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Private, efficient and accurate Web search”
Dr. Maryam Sepehri (Univ. Milano) – Post-doc presentation
Dawit K. Djote – “Topology-aware gossiping for unstructured networks”
Diana Nurbakova (INSA) – PhD presentation
Ketema A. Gemeda – PhD presentation
Tarek Awwad (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Improving quality control in crowdsourcing frameworks”
Armin Gerl (Univ. Passau) – “Evaluation of visualization techniques for displaying international research cooperation”
Amri Toumia (Univ. Passau) – PhD presentation

Visit of the French General Consul Jean-Claude Brunet >>


  • 13th MDPS Workshop

The 13th MDPS workshop was held from January 19th to 23rd 2015 at the Université de Franche-Comté in Besançon.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Dr. Tobias R. Mayer (CIRC, Lyon) –  “Approaches and Methodologies for Dietary Exposure Assessment”
Maryam Sepheri  (Univ. Milano) – “Risk Assessment of process-related data leakages on cloud”
Merza Klaghstan (Univ. Passau)  – “Backward Loss Concealment for Videos in Opportunistic Networks”
Amri Toumia
(Univ. Passau) – “Investigating the relationship between quality of recommendations and privacy protection”
Jean-Marc Nicod
(IUT Besançon – Invited speaker)
Mazen Alsarem
(INSA) – “Six months have passed…What’s new with ENsEN? : Learning to rank sentences, and evaluation based on crowd-sourcing”
Albin Petit
(INSA / Univ. Passau) – “PEAS: Private, Efficient and Accurate Web Search”
Dr. Léa Laporte
 (INSA) – “Feature selection approaches for ranking with sparse SVM in information retrieval
Johannes Jurgovsky
 (Univ. Passau / INSA) – “Sentiment Polarity Classification of Short Text Phrases with Deep Learning”
Tarek Awwad
(INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Enabling resilience in mobile crowd computing”
Lyes Limam
(Altran) – “Big Data at Altran”
Nathalie Herr
– “Prognostics-based Scheduling to Extend a Platform Useful Life under Service Constraint: Model, Complexity and Resolution”
Zeinab Fawaz
– “Efficient and Secure Visual Data Transmission Approach for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network”
David Aparicio
(INSA) – “Practical and verifiable secure multi-party computation for decentralized collaborative systems”
Fouad Hanna
– “Fault Tolerance Management in Distributed Systems: A New Leader-Based Consensus Algorithm”
Guido Lena Cota
(Univ. Milano / INSA) – “A Semi-Automatic Framework to Design Selfish-Resilient, Collaborative Systems”
Yovan Krtoloitza
(Emosist) – “NATHCARE a european project in the e-Health field”
Vincent Primault
(INSA) – “Privacy-preserving publication of mobility data with high utility”


  • 12nd MDPS Workshop

The 12nd MDPS workshop was held from June 23rd to 27th 2014 in Crema, Italy.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Merza Klaghstan (Univ. Passau) –  “Video loss concealment in opportunistic networks”
Maryam Sepheri  (Univ. Milano) – “Privacy preserving query processing by encrypted data outsourcing”
Prof. Ernesto Damiani (Univ. Milano)  – “Digital Ecosystems in a World of Big Data”
Lyes Limam – Defence of the PhD thesis “Usage-Driven Unified  Model  for User Profile and Data Source Profile Extraction”
Christine Verdier  (invited speaker) – “New deals in p-health”
Markus Zanker (invited speaker) – “Leveraging multi-criteria user feedback for improved recommendations”
Mathieu Exbrayat (invited speaker) –  “Machine learning”
Mazen Alsarem (INSA) – “ENsEN: snippet generation based on LDSVD, an entity  ranking  algorithm for Linked Data”
Vincent Primault (INSA) – “Differentially Private Location Privacy in Practice”
Albin Petit (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Practical Anonymous Querying: a privacy-preserving web search  protocol”
Andrea Rainini – “A game theoretical approach to vulnerability patching”
Guido Lena Cota (Univ. Milano / INSA) – “A Semi-Automatic Framework to Design Selfish-Resilient, Collaborative Systems”


  • 11th MDPS Workshop

The 11th MDPS workshop was held from December 9th to 13th 2013 at the INSA Lyon.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Maryam Sepheri  (Univ. Milano) – “Privacy-Preserving Query Processing over Outsourced Encrypted Data and Multi-party Computation”
Stéphane Seng  – “Analyzing Business-to-Business networks: State- of-the-art”
Albin Petit (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Privacy in Web Search: a state-of-the-art”
Christina Niklaus – “Approaches for Preserving Privacy in Recommender Systems”
Dr. Pierre-Edouard Portier (INSA Lyon) – “An introduction to category theory with a selection of applications to computer science”
Merza Klaghstan (Univ. Passau) –  “Scalable video transmission in OppNets using Network-Abstraction-Layer(NAL) units”
Vincent Primault (INSA) – “Location privacy: A state of the art”
Gabriella Pasi – “Contextual search and contextual factors aggregation”
Mazen Alsarem (INSA Lyon) – “Enhanced Snippets : “Combining the Web of Documents with the Web of Data to generate enhanced Snippets”
Albin Petit (INSA / Univ. Passau) – “Practical Anonymous Querying: a privacy-preserving web search  protocol”
Guido Lena Cota (Univ. Milano / INSA) – “Securing Communication Protocols: mapping Protocols to Game”
F. Strady & O. Scheffges (BERTRANDT)
Hatem Moussely (INSA Lyon) – “Location-based Image Data Crawling and Indexing”
Dr. Sonia Ben Mokhtar (INSA Lyon) – “Enforcing accountability in distributed  systems”
Doug Lundquist  – “Defending against Multi-Stage Attacks through Collaborative Identification of Intentionality”
Nadia Slimani (CIRC)
Dr. Christin Seifert (Univ. Passau) – “Web-based user profiles: opportunities and challenges”


  • 10th MDPS Workshop

The 10th MDPS workshop was held in Munich and Passau from June 10th to 15th 2013.

Guest speakers:

  • Ana-Maria Manzat, Post-Doctoral researcher at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT)
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Schenkel, Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Informationsmanagement at Passau University

The first day of the workshop took part in Munich in the presence of the Consul General of France in Bavaria, Emmanuel Cohet, and the Presidents of University of Passau, Burkhard Freitag, and of INSA Lyon, Eric Maurincomme. Further participants were representatives of several German-French institutions and partners in business firms. The main goals of this event were to build a link between science and application in real live, to find ways for professional insertion of PhDs and to expand transnational cooperation. The presentations and discussions helped smooth the path for professional application of the work of the MDPS doctoral college.

The other days of the workshop were dedicated to talks by the PhDs, as usual. The group consisted of PhDs from University of Passau, INSA Lyon and Università degli Studi di Milano, both in “Cotutelle” and with only one PhD-degree. The guest speakers were Ana-Maria Manzat, Post-Doc at Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT),  Prof. Dr. Ralf Schenkel, Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Informationsmanagement at University of Passau and Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer, Professur für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Medieninformatik. For the first time in the history of the MDPS, students of IFIK double master took part and presented current scientific work. Furthermore, two of the PhDs had just submitted their thesis and thus had the chance to do a test disputation.

But as usual, fun and culture were also an element of the event. On Wednesday, the group took a guided tour through Ortenburg castle. This castle has been existing in its actual form for 400 years now and has not only been the residence of several dukes and earls, but also the seat of the tax authorities. It is know for its beautiful inner courtyard with its wall paintings and the special ceiling in the castle chapel. After the guided tour, the workshop participants had a medieval dinner in the cave of the castle. Thus, the German-French-Italian group, consisting of 15 different nationalities, had the chance to get to know each other better. Moreover, Véronique Coiffet, lecturer at the language center of University of Passau and a very active promoter of German-French projects, was amongst the group.

– Journée franco-allemande in Munich (programme >>)

Presentations held during the workshop:

Merza Klaghstan (Univ. Passau) – “Privacy and Efficiency Issues in Video Transmission using OppNets
Yulian Yang – “On Efficiency of Peer Reviwing in Semantic Overlay Networks
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh – “Novel Tag Similarity Approach with Application on Geotagged Folksonomy
Tobias Mayer (Univ. Passau) – “Achieving Collaboration in Distributed Systems Deployed over Selfish Peers
Ana-Mariat Manzat (invited speaker, IRIT Toulouse)
Romaric Sagbo – “Early assessment of web service performance via simulation
Guido Lena Cota (Univ. Milano) – “Securing Business Processes: mapping protocols to games
Romaric Tchokpon – “Ensuring XML Integrity Using Water marking Techniques
Getnet Abebe Bayou – “Preliminary Evaluation of Semantic Caching”
Vanessa El Khoury (Univ. Passau) – “Personalized Video Adaptation Framework (PIAF): constraint instantiation based user profile


  • 9th MDPS Workshop

The 9th MDPS workshop was held in Sicilia, at the university of Messina from 7 January to 11 January 2013.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Yulian Yang   – “On Efficiency of peer Rewriting in Semantic Overlay Networks”
Alessandro Provetti – “Research overview”
Romaric Sagbo  – “Model-Based automaton for web service performance evaluation”
Sedighen Abbasi – “Toward Secure Clustered Multi-Party Computation: A Privacy-Preserving Clustering Protocol”
Christina Vislmeier (Univ. Passau) – “Il futuro dell’interrogazione di immagini basata sul contenuto”
Stefan Zwicklbauer (Univ. Passau) – “Entity disambiguation in unspecific domains”
Romaric Tchokpon– “Ensuring XML Integrity Using Watermarking Techniques”
Merza Klaghstan (INSA Lyon) – “SVC-based video transmission in Opportunistic Networks”
Maryam Sepehri (Univ. Milano) – “Privacy Preserving Query Processing over Outsourced Encrypted Data and Multi Party Computation”
Kai Schlegel and Sebastian Bayerl (Univ. Passau) – “CODE-Project: Data discovery, provenance and warehousing”
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh  – “Identification and Extraction of Semantic Clusters in User-Contributed Image Tags”
Prof. Piero Bonatti (invited speaker, Università di Napoli)
Jingwei Miao  – “An Efficient Privacy Preserving Prediction-based Routing Protocol for Mobile Delay Tolerant Networks”
Vanessa El Khoury (Univ. Passau)
Mathieu André  – “The Geometry of Contextual and Personalized Information Retrieval”
Andreas Wölfl (Univ. Passau) – “Real-Time Database Architecture in Mission-Critical Systems”
Guido Lena Cota (Univ. Milano)
Jean Christophe Pazzaglia (invited speaker, SAP research France)
Tobias Mayer (Univ. Passau) – “Recent Results of Inspection Games for Distributed Systems”


  • 8th MDPS Workshop

The 8th workshop of the MDPS doctoral college was held at INSA Lyon between the 11th and the 15th of December 2012. It consisted of scientific presentations of members and associate members of the doctoral college. In addition, Prof. Karl Reed (LaTrobe university, Australia) participated at the workshop as a guest lecturer. The event has been supported by the French-German University (DFH-UFA) under its program of workshops for young scientists.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Jingwei Miao (INSA Lyon) – “A Self-Regulating Protocol for Efficient Routing in Mobile Delay Tolerant Networks.”
Merza Klaghstan (Univ. Passau) – “Video Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks”
Yulian Yang (INSA Lyon) – “Topic-based Indexing for Semantic Overlay Networks”
Dr. Veronika Sonigo  – “Using Virtualization and Job Folding for Batch Scheduling”
Christian Vilsmaier (Univ. Passau) – “The Future of Content Based Image Retrieval”
Kai Schlegel, Sebastian Bayerl (Univ. Passau) – “Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research”
Armelle Ndjafa  – “Towards the Resolution of Uncertainty in Dataspace”
Ali Hadavi –  “Secure Database Outsourcing: a Secret Sharing-Based Approach”
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh  – “Supervised Keypoint Pruning for Fast Image Matching”
Getnet Abebe Bayou  – “Semantic video similarity based on annotation tags”
Tobias Mayer (Univ. Passau) – “Inspection Games for Collaboration Enforcement of Selfish Nodes: Details to Evaluation”
Maryam Sepehri (Univ. Milano) “Privacy Preserving Queries over Outsourced Encrypted Data and Multiparty Computation”
Prof. Karl Reed (guest speaker, University of La Trobe)
Romaric Tchokpon (INSA Lyon) – “XML Watermarking Using Fuzzy Queries”


  • 7th MDPS Workshop

The 7th workshop of the MDPS doctoral college was held at INSA Lyon between the 5th and the 9th of December 2011. Guest speakers were Prof. Dr. Brigitte Forster-Heinlein (TU Munich), and Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Pierson (IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse).

Presentations held during the workshop:

Jingwei Miao – “A survey of strategies for preventing selfish behaviors in mobile delay tolerant networks”
Merza Klaghstan – “Scene categorization + Secure multimedia data dissemination in opportunistic systems”
Prof. Forster-Heinlein (invited speaker, TU Munich) – “Phase in signals and images”
Maryam Sepehri (Univ. Milano)
Romaric Sagbo – “Architectural patterns for multitenant cloud”
Dr. Pierre-Édouard Portier (INSA Lyon) – “Plural and dynamic structuring of data through different forms of interaction – a practical experiment”
Jefferson Ramirez – “Consensus in social networks”
Prof. Jean-Marc Pierson (invited speaker, IRIT Toulouse) – “Energy efficiency in data centers and content delivery networks”
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh – “Geo-based, automatic image annotation”
Getnet Abebe – “Semantic video caching and prefetching”
Romaric Tchokpon – “XML watermarking”
Yulian Yang – “Semi-structured semantic overlay in self-organizing network “
Vanessa El-Khoury (Univ. Passau) – “Utility function for video content adaptation”
Tobias Mayer (Univ. Passau) – “Modeling of pub-sub systems using inspection games”


  • 6th MDPS Workshop

The 6th workshop of the MDPS doctoral college was held at the Italian partner, the Università degli studi di Milano between June 20th and 24th 2011. Guest speakers were Prof. George Spanoudakis (School of Informatics of City University London, UK) and Prof. Tharam S. Dillon (Curtin Univertsity of Technology, Perth, Australia).
The event has been partly supported by the German-Italian University Centre.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Prof. George Spanoudakis – “Monitoring Violations & Threats of Security & Dependability: The SERENITY approach”
Yulian Yang – “Semantic Information Retrieval”
Giovanna Sissa – “A model to assess the net environmental impact of ICT-based services”
Claudia Jacob – “Design Patterns for the Design of Synchronous Collaborative Applications”
Julie Zhu – “A meta-design model for creative and collaborative design”
Omar Hasan – “Utilizing Social Networks for Web Service Selection”
Tobias Mayer – “Evaluating robustness and selfish behavior in publish/subscribe systems”
Romaric Tchokpon – “Image digital watermarking in social networks: algorithms, policy language, evaluation procedure”
Armelle Natacha – “Towards a model for dataspace views”
Jefferson Ramirez – “Consensus in social networks”
Romaric Sagbo – “Study, Design, and Development of Architectural Patterns for Multitenant Cloud”
Vanessa el Khoury – “Personalized vIdeo Adaptation Framework (PIAF): High-Level Semantics Ad”
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh – “User centric contextual multimedia adviser”
Ingrid Alecia Buckley – “Reliability Patterns”
Francesco Pagano – “Data protection and data privacy on distributed platforms”
Jingwei Miao – “An Adaptive Routing Algorithm for Mobile Delay Tolerant Network”
Christian Vilsmaier – “CBIRs-Networking”


  • 5th MDPS Workshop

The 5th workshop of the MDPS doctoral college was held at the INSA Lyon between December 13th and 17th 2010. Prof. Dr. Laszlo Böszörmenyi (University of Klagenfurt, Austria) participated as a guest expert and speaker.

During the workshop, a series of presentations and discussions took place on December 13. The topic was the internationalization of doctoral education in Europe.

Moreover, in association with the MDPS, ABG-UFA, the German-French branch of the Association Bernard Grégory for the professional integration of PhD graduates has organized an “Apéro Doc” on December 14.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Vanessa El-Khoury – “Personalized Video Adaptation Framework (PIAF): constraint instantiation based user profile
Getnet Abebe – “Enhancing multimedia delivery through adaptation reuse”
Armelle Natacha Ndjafa – “Design and implementation of a dataspace management system. Application to the medical domain.
Jingwei Miao (INSA Lyon) – “Adaptive Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks”
Lyès Limam – “Extracting implicit user profile: model and application”
Dr. Gabriele Gianini – “Introduction to Bayesian inference by Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling”
Eugenio Tacchini – “Serendipitous mentoring in recommender systems”
Hatem Sergieh – “Advanced database benchmarking”
Romaric Tchokpon – “A watermarking based Digital Rights Management for social networks”
Invited seminar: Prof. Dr. Laszlo Böszörmenyi
Alexander Stockinger – “User centric contextual multimedia adviser”
Christian Vilsmaier – “Tuning of multimedia databases in a distributed environment
Pélagie Houngue – “Routing in P2P SIP architecture and security issues”
Jefferson Ramirez – “Consensus decision-making approach for social networks”
Zeina Torbey – “Replica placement in CReaM based on user interests
Tobias Mayer – “Robustness and selfish behavior in publish/subscribe systems


  • 4th MDPS Workshop

The 4th workshop of the MDPS doctoral college was held at the University of Passau between the 14th and the 18th of June 2010. An Italian delegation led by Prof. Ernesto Damiani (Università degli studi di Milano) participated at the workshop. Dr. Andreas Uhl (University of Salzburg, Austria) participated as a guest speaker.

Presentations held during the workshop:

Pélagie Houngue (Univ. Milano) – “P2P-SIP integration and secure routing
Armelle Natacha Ndjafa (Univ. Passau) – “Towards large-scale distributed data querying using specialized and enriched dataspaces
Hatem Sergieh (Univ.Passau)
Alexander Stockinger  (Univ.Passau)
Jingwei Miao (INSA Lyon) – “Publish-Subscribe middleware for mobile social networking”
Vanessa El-Khoury (Univ. Passau) – “Utility function for semantic video content adaptation
Dr. Andreas Uhl (invited speaker, associate professor at the University of Salzburg)
Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond (INSA Lyon) – “Documents, assistance, context
Tobias Mayer (Univ. Passau / INSA Lyon) – “Self-optimizing BAR tolerant event dissemination
Zeina Torbey (INSA Lyon) – “Towards a fully decentralized and subject-aware method for replica placement
Romaric Tchokpon (Univ. Milano) – “Similarity based approach for security in social networks
Tilmann Rabl (Univ. Passau) – “An Automatic Allocation Algorithm for Database Clusters
Christian Vilsmaier (Univ. Passau) – “A new vision: Tuning of Multimedia Databases
Lyes Limam (Univ. Passau) – “Extracting user search interests using a pruning algorithm
Eugenio Tacchini (Univ. Milano) – “Handling eclectic tastes in recommender systems: novelty, serendipity and mentors


  • 3rd MDPS Workshop

The 3rd MDPS workshop was held at the University of Passau between the 7th and the 11th of December 2009.

Following invited speakers participated at the workshop:

  • Prof. Aris Ouksel, University of Illinois, USA
  • Prof. Ernesto Damiani, Università degli studi di Milano, Italy
  • Henrich C. Pöhls, IT-Security Group, Universität Passau
  • Bérénice Kimpe, ABG -UFA (Association Bernard Grégory – Université Franco-Allemand

Presentations held during the workshop:

Armelle Natacha Ndjafa (Univ. Passau) – “Dataspace: A new paradigm to acces medical information
Florian Stegmaier (Univ. Passau) –  “AIR: Architecture for Interoperable Retrieval on distributed and heterogeneous Multimedia Repositories
Prof. Ernesto Damiani (invited speaker, Univ. Milano) – “Exploiting Multimedia Information in Policy Languages
Lyes Limam (Univ. Passau) – “Semantic usage analysis: A clustering approach
Bérénice Kimpe (invited speaker, ABG-UFA) – “Le nouveau chapitre de la thèse”
Zeina Torbey – “User Centric Replication model
Britta Meixner  und Günther Hölbling (Univ. Passau) – “SIVA Suite – a Framework for interactive Videos
Prof. Aris Ouksel (invited speaker, University of Illinois, USA)
Tobias Mayer (Univ. Passau) – “Metamodel for cooperative solving of complex problems in dynamic environments
Vanessa El-Khoury (Univ. Passau) – “Semantic Protection of multimedia data: “Content Adaptation Workflow
Henrich C. Pöhls (invited speaker, Univ. Passau) – “Authenticity for Web Content: Why the Web’s transport security era must end?


  • 2nd MDPS Workshop

The second MDPS workshop was held at INSA Lyon June 8-12, 2009.

Following invited guests participated at the workshop:

  • Prof. Aris Ouksel, University of Illinois, USA
  • Dr. Sonio Ben Mokhtar (University College London)
  • Maria Leprévost, acting Secretary General of the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule/Université franco-allemand.
  • Gottfried Schwarz (DLR)
  • members of SATIN research group, Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne, France (Dr. Jacques Fayolle, Dr. Christophe Gravier, Mikaël Ates)

Presentations held during the workshop:

Vanessa El-Khoury (Univ. Passau) – “Semantic protection of multimedia data”
Tobias Mayer (Univ. Passau) – “QoS in distributed embedded device networks”
Dr. Sonia Ben Mokhtar (University College London) – “From service-oriented to social-oriented pervasive computing”
Lyes Limam (Univ. Passau) – “Taxonomy-based semantic clustering of user queries”
Dr. Mario Döller (Univ. Passau) – “Translation rules framework for multimedia metadata interoperability”
Prof. Aris Ouksel (invited speaker, University of Illinois) – “Ontologies: creating order out of chaos, state of the art and challenges”
Talar Atechian (INSA Lyon) – “Data exchange in VANETs”
Zeina Torbey (INSA Lyon / Univ. Passau) – “Replication model for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks”
Zeina Torbey / Talar Atechian –  “Coffee: a P2P service for VANETs”
Prof. Sylvie Calabretto (INSA Lyon) – “Semantic information retrieval in XML documents”
Omar Hasan (INSA Lyon) – “Privacy preserving reputation systems”
Armelle Natacha Ndjafa (INSA Lyon) – “Aggregation of medical information through a dataspace”
Addisalem Negash (INSA Lyon) – “Information management in pervasive environments”


  • 1st MDPS Workshop

The first MDPS workshop was held at the University of Passau, between December 9th and 12th, 2008.

Following invited guests participated at the workshop:

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser (Universität Darmstadt) led a seminar on “Large-Scale Secure Forensic Watermarking”
  • Prof. Dr. Mihai Dactu and Gottfried Schwarz from the Competence Center on Information Extraction and Image Understanding for Earth Observation (CoC), a cooperation between DLR (German Aerospace Center), CNES (French Spatial Agency) and ENST (Telecom Paris, engineering school)
  • Axel Honsdorf, Director of Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum / Centre de Coopération Universitaire Franco-Bavarois (the French-Bavarian center of higher education)

Presentations held during the workshop:

Presentation of the doctoral college and of its two member research groups
Dr. Mario Döller – “Querying multimedia data (MPQF, JPSearch)
Armelle Natacha Ndjafa – “Translation and execution of MPQF queries for a relational database
Lyes Limam – “Multimedia query log analysis
Veronika Rehn-Sonigo – “In-network stream processing
Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser – “Large-Scale Secure Forensic Watermarking — Challenges and Solutions
Vanessa El-Khoury – “Multimedia rights management (state of the art)
Zeina Torbey – “Heuristics for replication in mobile environments
Axel Honsdorf – “BFHZ – Cotutelles
Tilmann Rabl – “Replication of cluster databases
Christian Vilsmaier – “Aggregation of multiple multimedia databases query results
Günther Hölbling – “Interactive television
Yaser Fawaz – “Content adaptation for pervasive computing
Tobias Mayer – “Performance Evaluation of a decentral material flow control through distributed data acquisition
Dr. Marian Scuturici – “Multimedia dataspaces
“Presentation of the research at the CoC competence centre”