Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing

Big Data is able to collect (notion of “data marketplaces”), combine, cross-analyze, and process monitoring and operational data, using high performance and cloud computing infrastructures. Listed below are some of its current applications:

  • Fraud Detection using Machine Learning with Integration of Contextual Knowledge

Franco-German PhD thesis of Yvan Lucas, supervised by Prof. Sylvie Calabretto and Prof. Michael Granitzer, co-supervised by Dr. Léa Laporte, Dr. Pierre-Edouard Portier in collaboration with Atos Worldline.

  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Security, based on a large number of heterogeneous sources

Franco-Italian PhD thesis of Léopold Ghemmogne Fossi, supervised by Dr. Gabriele Gianini and Prof. Lionel Brunie, co-supervised by Prof. Ernesto Damiani and Dr. Sonia Ben Mokhtar in  collaboration with Atos Worldline.

  • Learning Feature representations for Large Graphs

PhD thesis of Fatemeh Salehi Rizi, supervised by Prof. Michael Granitzer.