“Fit Europe”: a new challenge for Irixys

The INSA of Lyon has just launched a EU-funded project together with its partners from Germany, Italy and Rumania. This project should help forming “future leaders for a multicultural digital Europe”.

‘This is a very exciting project. With Fit Europe, we will form tomorrow’s leaders of digital sciences by helping them finding solutions to the problems to come instead of sticking to today’s state of things’, enthusiastically announces Lionel Brunie, head of the computer sciences department at the INSA Lyon.

The project is twofold. Firstly, it would consist in a formative program addressing hot topics up to polemical questions: which function could robots fulfill in a multigenerational society? How could Big Data be made compatible with ethical exigencies? What do blockchains imply on a commercial level? How should we deal with the web of things’ breaking in into our private lives? In a second time, a hand in hand cooperation would be implemented between industrial and academic players, not only in order to conceive the program but also to coach the students.

The core initiator of the project is the IRIXYS research center, one of the most dynamic European research centers in the field of intelligent digital systems, based on cooperation between the INSA Lyon (France), the University of Passau (Germany) and the University of Milan (Italy). For the first time, the University Politehnica of Bucarest as well as private players from start-ups incubators, small robotics companies up to great international digital groups.