September 27, 2017

Vanessa El-Khoury: Personalized Video Adaptation Framework (PIAF): constraint instantiation based user profile


Increasingly, the multimedia community starts to adopt the term Universal Multimedia Experience (UME) which recognizes the user as the end point of the universal multimedia consumption chain instead of the terminal. This need arose as the user wants a personalized visualization of the multimedia content which suits his preferences and requirements. However, the personalization of multimedia content requires user constraints formalization, semantic content description, suitable content retrieval and filtering, and efficient content adaptation to the user requirements.

In this talk, I will present a Personalized Video Adaptation Framework (PIAF) that incorporates the user requirements and needs into the adaptation process. The focus of my talk will be on the instantiation process that takes the user profile and video content description in MPEG-7 as an input, and provides what so called instantiation semantic constraint as an output. A use case will be presented illustrating the approach.