September 27, 2017

Tobias Mayer Robustness and selfish behavior in publish/subscribe systems


In the past years much work has been spent in publish/subscribe systems. With its loose coupling in space, time and synchronicity it evolved as serious possible choice for group communication being realized at application level. However, despite the research effort in pub/sub systems, there is no comprehensive classification available, making it difficult to directly compare specific systems. Furthermore, the robustness evaluations are based only on Byzantine faults and lack of considering selfish behavior. The robustness of publish/subscribe systems can therefore not clearly be evaluated.
This presentation outlines the current state of robustness and selfish behavior in publish/subscribe systems. This is done by a structured approach resulting in a review and evaluation of 25 systems, comprising also pure dissemination systems. It presents furthermore a comprehensive classification scheme, a taxonomy of Byzantine faults and an outline about selfish behavior, that are all used for the system review.