June 19, 2018


Monday 25th June

  • Jörg Schlötterer (Uni Passau) – “Towards Zero-Shot Learning on Knowledge Graphs”
  • Johannes Jürgoysky (Uni Passau / INSA Lyon) – “Credit card fraud detection with Collaborative Filtering”
  • Mohamed Maouche (INSA Lyon) – “HMC : Privacy Protection of Mobility Data Against Multiple Re-Identification Attacks Using Macro-Mobility”
  • Elio Mansour (Uni Pau) – “Event detection in Smart Energy Environments”
  • Tarek Awwad (INSA Lyon) – CrowdED and CREX : Enabling Crowdsourcing Quality Control Evaluation”

Tuesday 26th June

  • Karam Bou Chaaya (Uni Pau) – “Privacy preservation in an IoT environment”
  • Armin Gerl (Uni Passau / INSA Lyon) – “Layered Privacy Language (LPL) enabled Policy-based Anonymization”
  • Stefan Becher (Uni Passau) – “Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Query-based Anonymization”
  • Diana Nurbakova (INSA Lyon) – “Recommendation of Activity Sequences during Distributed Events”
  • Victor Charpenay (Siemens / Uni Passau) – “Towards a Binary Object Notation for RDF”
  • Thomas Weißgerber (Uni Passau) – “PaDRE: Reproducible Learning”
  • Mathieu Garchery (Atos / Uni Passau) – “Real-world intrusion detection in corporate audit data”

Wednesday 27th June

  • Fatemeh Salehi Rizi (Uni Passau ) – “Predicting Event Attendance exploring Group-based Influence in Social Media”
  • Corrado Mio (UNIMI) – “Recommendation of Activity Sequences during Distributed Events”
  • Ebtesam Almazrouei (EBTIC/Khalifa University) – “Deep learning applications to radio spectrum analysis”
  • Alaa Alhamzeh (INSA Lyon / Uni Passau) – “Information Retrieval from Social Media”
  • Ghalia Tello (EBTIC/Khalifa University) – “Process-log lifting via Event Sequence Clustering”
  • Rabia Maqsood – (UNIMI) – “Analyzing students’ behavior during Confidence-based Assessment”

Friday 30th June

  • Benjamin Planche (Siemens / Uni Passau) – “Bridging the Realism Gap for Visual Recognition with Geometry Priors Only”
  • Matteo Paolo Lanaro (UNIMI) – “On the need of spatial techniques for retina modeling”
  • Rémi Canillas (INSA Lyon) – “Multi-Criteria Optimization for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning”