IRIXYS integrates a joint research and innovation agenda supported by collaborative projects, a set of joint initial, continuing and research education programmes, and scientific and technological knowledge dissemination activities.

Though not exclusive, three scientific topics structure the activities of the Centre:

  • Cognitive computing and prescriptive
  • Big Data analytics Data traceability, trust, and privacy
  • Collaborative distributed systems

Privileged application and dissemination fields of the Centre are:

  • e-humanities and cultural heritage (area of excellence of Passau and Lyon)
  • e-health (area of excellence of Lyon and Passau)
  • digital services and multimedia (area of excellence of Milan and Passau)


IRIXYS could not exist without students and young scientists. Therefore, IRIXYS strives to strengthen early-stage research through a French-German academic programme called PhD-Track. This programme started in 2013 includes a double master degree and ideally prepares students for a joint PhD within the international doctoral college MDPS (Multimedia Distributed Pervasive Secure Systems).

The PhD-Track as well as event for young researchers are supported by the French-German University.

Master Degree

Joint PhD

Leading Scientists