November 10, 2016


Academic partnerships 

Through its many academic partnerships, IRIXYS intends to promote following:

  • Exchanges of students (visits) and research staff (invited professorship positions)
  • Consortia building in response to international calls for proposal
  • Joint participations in research and technological platforms
  • Organisation of scientific events
  • Development of a cooperation policy with emerging countries


The MDPS doctoral college, previous to IRIXYS, has already established a long-lasting cooperation with:

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Industrial partnerships

IRIXYS also intends to build a strong network of cooperation with industrial and socio-economic partners and to closely associate them to its activities. R&D teams of long lasting partners such as Atos, Worldline Siemens, SAP, ST Microelectronics are involved in some of our projects. Also new partner companies, clusters and centres of excellence such as the Centre of Excellence in Big Data (Big Data CoE Barcelona) will be welcome. Finally, innovative local start-ups will also be invited to participate in IRIXYS initiatives.

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