September 27, 2017

Britta Meixner, Günther Höbling: SIVA Suite – a Framework for interactive Videos


This contribution introduces SIVA suite, a modular framework for interactive videos. The system enables the author to edit video files and add annotations like images, videos, text and HTML to predefined scenes or the whole video. It provides cutting tool to define scenes in a video manually or automatically. A scene graph editor is available to edit a non-linear flow of the video and a rearrangement of defined scenes. The integrated HTML editor enables the user to create text and link annotations. Additionally, an image editor to paint and mark pictures and a simple text editor to write unformatted text is included. Projects are exported to a XML formatted file with a specific schema and Flash video format (flv) files, which are stored in a predefined folder structure. The project’s player interprets the XML-file, plays the video and shows the annotations at defined frames or scenes. The system is designed to be used intuitively.