Summer School on Transfer Learning



The “French-German Summer School on Transfer Learning: From Theory to Applications” is jointly organised by the ENS Paris-Saclay and the University of Passau, members of the AiDA consortium1 in cooperation with the companies Atos and Worldline.

This event is a continuation of the Summer School “Big Data and Business: Methods, Technologies and Innovation” organized by the research centre of excellence IRIXYS in cooperation with Atos, Worldline and the consortium AiDA in July 2017 on Chiemsee lake in Bavaria. The topics which were discussed were Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Privacy and IT-security.

This event aimed at bringing together young researchers dealing with research issues in the field of Big Data. Moreover, it largely contributed to strengthen the cooperation between the universities and industrial partners established since June 2015 through the project “Linked Data for Prescriptive Analytic”. Also the Summer school turned out to be a true laboratory of ideas for new franco-german and European projects.

Based on the success of the latest edition, on a human and on a scientific level, the organizers planned an event dedicated to researchers aiming at exchanging knowledge between academia and industry and enhancing a common consideration of major research topics.

Engineers and researchers from the industry working with the academic Chair “Industrial Data Analytics & Machine Learning” sponsored by the CEA and Atos as well as representatives from Siemens (AI Lab) Bertin, EDF and PSA will be invited to deliver their expertise in this field. The focus will be on specific scientific topic promising in the field of technological developments and resulting from the synergy between the scientific community and the industry.

Machine Learning, in particular transfer learning and technology transfer will be discussed during presentations, roundtables and case studies between PhD students and experts. In the context of a global and rapid digitalization of our societies, those topics have been identified as key issues by France and Germany and by the European Commission in the strategy of the establishment of a digital single market.

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1AiDA (Artifical Intelligence for Data Analytics) is a research program within the consortium which gathers the University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne, the University of Brussels, the INSA Lyon, the University of Passau the University Rennes 1, the ENS Paris-Saclay and the University of Milan and works with Worldline on scientific research topics.