Dramatic advances in digital networks have broken the client/server imperium and have paved the way to complex collaborative distributed systems (e.g., clouds, peer to peer applications, cyber-physical systems, social mobile applications such as crowd sensing, Internet of Things – IoT, industrial systems 4.0, etc.) However, by nature, these systems suffer from operational disruptions, faults, malicious behaviours and attacks. That is why the third pillar of the research agenda will be dedicated to the enhancement of the resilience of collaborative distributed systems.

Research works on this topic are listed below:

  • A semi-automatic framework for selfishness-aware design of peer-to-peer systems (defended in 2017)

We aim at facilitating the work of system designers in dealing with selfishness in P2P, namely to evaluate and reduce the impact of selfish behaviours on the system functionalities and performance. To this end, we provide general methodologies, along with their software implementations for supporting the semi-automatic design and evaluation of P2P systems deployed over a network of selfish nodes. Also, we present a classification framework and a descriptive language for describing motivations and executions of selfish behaviours in cooperative distributed systems.

Franco-Italian PhD thesis of Guido Lena Cota, supervised by Prof. Ernesto Damiani and Prof. Lionel Brunie, co-supervised by Dr. Sonia Ben Mokhtar and Dr. Gabriele Gianini.

  • Efficient Quality Control in Crowdsourcing (defended in 2018)

Franco-German PhD thesis of Tarek Awwad, supervised by Prof. Harald Kosch and Prof. Lionel Brunie, co-supervised by Dr. Nadia Bennani and Dr. Veronika Sonigo.

  • Standardized Semantic Web Technologies for the Web of Things

Keywords: WoT, Semantic Web, Query processing, Constrained Node Networks

PhD thesis of Victor Charpenay, supervised by Prof. Harald Kosch in collaboration with Siemens AG.

  • A pervasive navigation system on Smartphones

Franco-Tunisian PhD thesis of Wiem Fekih Hassen, supervised by Prof. Lionel Brunie and Prof. Yahya Slimani.

  • Achieving collaboration in distributed systems deployed over selfish nodes (defended in 2013)

Keywords: Reliability, Availability and security, Network management, Modelling of distributed systems, Game Theory, Inspection Games

Franco-German PhD thesis of Tobias Mayer, supervised by Prof. Harald Kosch and Prof. Lionel Brunie.

Award of Excellence (category: science)

Thesis available online >>