MDPS PhD Programme



The PhD-Track programme “Multimedia, Distributed and Pervasive Secure Systems” supported and labelled by the Franco-German University (UFA-DFH), combines the double master degree “Computer Science, Information and Communication” (IFIK – Informatique – Information und Kommunikation) with a joint PhD (“cotutelle”) between the INSA Lyon and the University of Passau within the MDPS doctoral college.

Joint PhD in the MDPS doctoral college (“Cotutelle de these”)  

The MDPS doctoral college supported and labelled by the Franco-German University, offers to master students the possibility to pursue their academic path with a binational PhD also called “cotutelle” between one of the members universities: INSA Lyon/University of Passau, INSA Lyon/University of Milan or University of Passau/University of Milan.

Cotutelle” means that the doctoral students are jointly advised, with equal status, by two habilitated members of the MDPS doctoral college coming from two partner

countries. The future PhD students do their research in both countries. They spend about half of their PhD time in each of the two countries. At the end of that period, the doctoral candidates are awarded two doctoral degrees, one from each of the two partner countries.

Admission to the MDPS doctoral college is granted to very successful graduates of a Master’s course in Computer Science showing an interest in a binational PhD. The inclusion in the PhD/doctoral programme can only take place if sufficient financial resources for another dissertation are available.



Franco-German PhD:

Priority is given to graduates from the IFIK double master’s programme. Proficiency in German and/or French would be advantageous whereas good English language skills are required.

PhD students enrolled in the MDPS doctoral college and doing a Franco-German PhD (“cotutelle de these franco-allemande”) get a mobility grant from the Franco-German University during their research stay in the partner country.


Associated PhD:

Apart from regular PhD students enrolled in a “Cotutelle”, there are also associated PhDs enrolled in one university and writing their thesis there. These are also allowed to spend some time at one the partner universities.

IRIXYS/MDPS workshop:

Furthermore, a workshop bringing together all project members is held every six months. During these events, MDPS PhD students (Cotutelle and associated PhDs) and researchers present their latest work. Seminars and speeches of guests from academy and industry complete the workshop program. Thus, the PhDs are able to share experiences and knowledge and improve their work.