November 7, 2018

21st IRIXYS Workshop – Talks

Keynote speeches

  • Prof. Jacques Savoy (Univ. Neuchâtel)Text categorization focusing on the mystery behind the penname Elena Ferrante
  • Prof. Dietmar Jannach (Univ. Klagenfurt) – Session-based Recommendation: Challenges and Recent Advances
  • Prof. Mounir Frikha (SUPCom Tunis) – Research Activities in Research Lab MEDIATRON in SUP’COM and Collaborations with UP
  • Prof. Mohand Boughanem (IRIT, Univ. Paul Sabatier Toulouse) – TBD
  • Nicolas Mahler (Datapred) – TBD


PhD presentations

  • Emanuel Berndl (Uni Passau) – Embedding a Multimedia Metadata Model into a Workflow-Driven Environment Using Idiomatic Semantic Web Technologies
  • Armin Gerl (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) – LPL Privacy Policies in Action – Formalization and Scenarios
  • Stefan Becher (Uni Passau) – PrIDe – Current Status
  • Mathieu Garchery (Uni Passau/Atos) – Real-world intrusion detection in corporate audit data
  • Michele Blank (Uni Passau/Siemens) – “Web of Things in Industry”
  • Benjamin Planche (Uni Passau/Siemens) – A Topographic Memory Model for Localization, Retrieval, and Novel View Synthesis
  • Victor Charpenay (Uni Passau/Siemens) – Semantics for the Web of Things
  • Leopold Fossi Ghemmogne (Univ. Milano/INSA Lyon) – Shapley Value-based Feature Selection and some Semi-supervised Machine Learning Techniques: A Credit Card Fraud Detection Use Case
  • Xidi Ying (INSA Lyon) – Privacy and security in blockchain: transaction confidentiality, and proof-of-reputation based consensus
  • Torben Schnuchel (Uni Passau) – Privacy-preserving embeddings for activity recognition
  • Tarek Awwad (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) – PhD defense: Context-Aware Worker Selection For Efficient Quality Control In Crowdsourcing
  • Diana Nurbakova (INSA Lyon) – PhD defense
  • Colin Wulf (INSA Lyon) – Intel SGX in the Context of Privacy-Preserving Computing
  • Corrado Mio (Univ. Milano) – Co-training View-generation based on Partial Information Decomposition

Presentations to be defined:
Fatemeh Salehi Rezi (Uni Passau) – TBD
Thomas Weißgerber (Uni Passau) – TBD
Yvan Lucas (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) – TBD
Johannes Jurgovsky (Uni Passau/INSA Lyon) – TBD
Julian Stier (Uni Passau) – TBD
Alaa Alhamzeh (INSA Lyon/Uni Passau) –  TBD
Kanishka Ghosh Dastidar (Uni Passau) – TBD