A very successful IRIXYS Summer School on Transfer Learning!

A Summer School not only for academia but also open to industry and public players, this was the ambition of the IRIXYS Summer School organised by University of Passau, in cooperation with its partners (in particular Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, Bayfrance, Atos, Wordline, Siemens) from 3-6 June, 2019 in Passau and Neuburg-am-Inn. The topic of this Summer School was Transfer learning, a specific aspect of artificial intelligence also related to data science and digital intelligent systems.

With more than half of the 80 participants coming from French and German industries – including SNCF, Michelin, Bertin IT, ZF, BMW, Luminovo, redklink, SCCH, beside Atos, Wordline and Siemens- but also representatives from public bodies -the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art , Paris Région Entreprises, the French Consulate in Bavaria, BayFrance and Invest in Bavaria- this Summer School fully achieved its objective, fulfilling the expectations from the organisers, led by Professor Kosch and his IRIXYS team at Passau University.

Highlighting that “the International Research and Innovation Centre on Digital Intelligent Systems IRIXYS is one of our success-stories”, the President of the University of Passau Carola Jungwirth recalled the 3 pillars on which IRIXYS has built its success: “first, friendship & trust, second, complementarity & synergies, third innovation”. The 4-day Summer School was a perfect illustration of these pillars and effectively supported the implementation in industry of operational solutions coming from innovative Artificial Intelligence techniques and findings.

Together with industry and public players, participating representatives from academia also expressed their high satisfaction with this Summer School’s format. This was reflected in the wide participation from high-quality professors, researchers and PhD students coming from universities not only in Germany and France but also in Belgium, Austria and even Japan.

“The Summer School gives the opportunity to touch upon a wide range of scientific challenges” highlighted Professor Kosch, “and the high-quality of PhD talks and Scientific Talks taking place here is an important asset. Researchers present and discuss innovations that may bring a decisive contribution to future industry developments“.

The high-level participation from President Pierre-Paul Zalio, from Ecole Normale Paris Saclay, his Vice-President Keitaro Nakatani, President Laurent Prével, from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour l’Industrie et les Entreprises, and Vice-President Olivier Mentz, from the French-German University DFH-UFA, indicated the interest this event represents also for top-ranked higher-education institutions training among the best mathematicians and computer scientists in Europe.

Commenting on the fact that the summer school isnot restricted to academics but open to public authorities and industry,Professor Mathilde Mougeot, from Ecole Normale Paris Saclay and ENSIIE concluded: “many participants have praised the added-value of this format, sowe will follow the same principles at the next IRIXYS Summer School we organisein France in 2020!