2nd IRIXYS Advisory Board

The 2nd meeting of the IRIXYS Advisory Board took place on March 22nd 2019 on the campus of the University of Milan in the Computer Science Department.

Prof. Ernesto Damiani, Prof. Lionel Brunie and Prof. Kosch first presented the events and the scientific achievements over the year 2018. The topics being discussed afterwards with the members of the board, gathering representatives of the industry and academia from France, Germany and Italy focused on the cooperation strategy with the industry, the establishment of new partnerships with associated universities, the intensification of the projects on the French-Italian axis including a joint master degree programme, the governance model to be adopted as well as the commitment of IRIXYS in different research projects on a bilateral and European level and in scientific conferences.

From the left to the right: Prof. Stelvio Cimato (Co-Head of the IRIXYS “Security and Privacy” Department of Research, University of Milan), Prof. Gabriele Gianini (Co-Head of the IRIXYS “Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval”), Prof. Lionel Brunie (Co-Director of the IRIXYS Center, National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon), Ms. Morwenna Joubin (University of Passau, coordinatorof the French-german activities at IRIXYS), Prof. Marie Christine Baietto (Vice president ofreseach at INSA-Lyon, Prof. Lothar Schilling (University of Augsburg; President of the Social and Human Sciences Evaluation Group of the French-German University), Dr. Nadia Bennani (Co-Director of the IRIXYS Doctoral Studies Department, National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon), Prof. Antonella Baldi (delegate of the rector for international affairs of Università degli studi di Milano), Prof. Silvana Castano (The director of the Computer Science Department “Giovanni degli Antoni”, Università degli Studi di Milano), Prof. Goffredo Haus (delegate of the rector for digital innovation, ICT and strategic projects), Dr. Gabriele Elia (Chief Technology Office, Technology Architectures & Innovation, Head Standard, Technology Communication& IPR, Telecom Italia)