President of the University of Passau visits the INSA Lyon

During her visit on the campus of the INSA Lyon on the 13th of September, the president of the University of Passau, Prof. Carola Jungwirth met the president of the INSA Lyon, Dr. Eric Maurincomme to discuss about a common strategy for the establishment of a European network of universities and the expansion of existing cooperation.

In the presence of Dr. Marie-Pierre Favre (Vice-President for International Affairs at the INSA), Prof. Hugues Benoit-Cattin (Vice-President in charge of innovation at the INSA), Prof. Harald Kosch (Head of the Chair of Distributed Information Systems at the University of Passau), Prof. Lionel Brunie (Head of the Computer Science Department at the INSA), Max Maldacker, General Consul of Germany in Lyon and professors and students of the LIRIS laboratory (Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d’information), Prof. Jungwirth and Dr. Maurincomme signed an extension agreement of the double master programme “Computer Science, Information and Communication” between both academic institutions.

Prof. Carola Jungwirth got also the opportunity to meet master and PhD students of the PhD-Track programme and learn more about their study, working and life experience in Germany and France.

The double master as part of the French-German PhD-Track programme exists since 2013 and, as a label of excellence benefits from the support of the French-German University. After two years of study spent in both countries, students graduate with an engineering degree of the INSA and a Master of Science of the University of Passau.

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Prof. Carola Jungwirth, Max Maldacker, Dr. Eric Maurincomme

Prof. Harald Kosch, Prof. Carola Jungwirth, Max Maldacker, Dr. Eric Maurincomme, Prof. Lionel Brunie

(Picture credits: Maximilian Schiedermeier)