1st meeting of the IRIXYS Advisory Board

The 1st meeting of the IRIXYS Advisory Board took place on March 28th 2018 in the headquarters of the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in Lyon.

The objectives of this meeting were to present to our stakeholders the activities of IRIXYS, the achievments over the last two years and the upcoming events for 2018. Regional and international cooperation strategy, academic-industrial initiatives, the development of early career researchers paths, the enhancement of post-graduate and doctoral programs as well as a scientific dissemination and communication strategy were the other main topics being discussed.

Members of the Advisory Board and the leading scientists of IRIXYS

From the left to the right: Dr. Eric Maurincomme (Director of the INSA Lyon),  Prof. Lothar Schilling (University of Augsburg, President of the Social and Human Sciences Evaluation Group of the French-German University), Roland Wossidlo (Chief Financial Officer, Atos International), Prof. Jean-Michel Jolion (Director of the Delegation for Research and Technology, French Ministry for Higher Education and Research), Renaud Sornin (CEO Attestation Légale, Vice-President of the Lyon French Tech Association), Barbara Zacharias (Head of the International Office, University of Passau), Prof. Monica Diluca (Vice-President in charge of the international affairs, University of Milan),  Prof. Ernesto Damiani (co-Director of IRIXYS, University of Milan), Prof. Harald Kosch (co-Director of IRIXYS, University of Passau), Dr. Nadia Bennani (assistant professor at the INSA Lyon, LIRIS), Dr. Gabriele Gianini (assistant professor at the University of Milan, SESAR Lab), Marie-Pierre Favre (Vice-President for International Affairs at the INSA Lyon), Dr. Stelvio Cimato (assistant professor at the University of Milan, SESAR Lab), Prof. Lionel Brunie (co-Director of IRIXYS, INSA Lyon).